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10 Democratic candidates on debate stage for 1st time | ABC News

ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports from Houston on how the top 2020 presidential candidates are preparing to debate on the same stage for the first time.

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  1. America is not a republic or democracy. America is a corporatocracy. The corporations are the de facto governance of the United States. They write the laws, rules, regulations, national, and foreign policies. They control both political parties, the American government, and its citizen. When you vote, you are only voting for the people the corporations are going to control. The corporation's millions of dollars, their special interest groups, and lobbyist has circumvented the American people and corrupted the voting process. The corrupt corporations, democrats, and republican parties play both sides against the middle and the American people are in the middle getting squeezed and played. The Media don't report on these corporation's influence because they own the new media

  2. This is no joke they should take a literacy test before they can be nominated

  3. Prepare…..clowns don’t need to prepare

  4. Not one question on the economy??

  5. President Trump is our only choice ♥️🙏🏾 SAVE AMERICA VOTING TRUMP ☑️

  6. Looks to me all these Democratic candidates are racist I’m so sick of their bullshit anyone of these scumbags getting in office America is over with drugs would flow bombs would go off they would enrich themselves their total scum talk about racist these people are the worst races of all Democrat politicians running for president fake phony ideas and by the way I shut the TV off the Democrat debate sucks and yes I am a democrat get some real Candidates

  7. I have been watching the debates. The ABC moderators have done a mediocre job at best. The candidates have been interesting and well prepared.

  8. Watching the debate live and what they've done to Bernie's microphone is despicable. Shame on you ABC!

  9. If you want unemployment and Higher tax's. Vote Democrat.


  11. TRUMP 2020…………sleepy Joe and Pocahantas are idiots

  12. More identity politics at its best if your of color move to the front of a line if you're gay get up there if you're white straight male who gives a f*** about you

  13. So the election for President of mexico is on tonight…. free free free at last lol

  14. I have seen the Asian voting characteristics in my area. They don't vote based on race. Hence, Yang doesn't have a chance. But his extreme FREE STUFF policies will get a lot of the black and Latino votes.
    Lets see if any one of them is actually sane and sensible. Not catering to blacks/browns, no FREE STUFF baiting and not being a push over to China and Russia.
    Tough love mentality.

  15. The candidate who does poorest in the debate will have a finger cut off. This will provide incentive. 🔪

  16. This will be a laugh fest even more hilarious than the scags present on the View. Pocahaunt -us is still the ugliest piece of buffalo shit on that stage, although Bernie's face could give the Grim Reaper heart failure.

  17. I wonder if they will all show up in the same clown car

  18. So are you gonna close the borders, but Americans FIRST before anyone, build the damn wall and inforce illegal migrants policy? If not TRUMP 2020 all the way!!

  19. I'm in Jersey, and wondering how Booker is still in this. Haven' t heard a word of him in months.

  20. At least 2 of the Democrat doom- and – gloom clowns will bail out after this debate.

  21. More important questions about the debate:
    How high will the bidding war on money for the Green New Deal go?
    Who will tax millionaires and billionaires the most? 
    How many types of debt will they promise to wipe out?  How much free tuition will everyone get?
    Will Medicare for all cover illegals, dentures, union members and yoga classes?
    Will they pander to some interest groups by speaking in Spanish, offering reparations, or decrying "white privilege?"
    Will Buttigieg recall how he attacked the enemy on the computer?  Will Biden recall how he attacked the enemy in WWII?  Will Warren recall how she attacked Custer at Little Big Horn? Will O'Rourke recall how he led the attack on the Alamo?  Will Bernie recall how he was the first to attack Rockefeller and J.P Morgan?
    Stay tuned.

  22. If Tulsi isn't in it I'll choose Trump, there's no way I'd vote for one of these clowns 🤡

  23. The crazy parties socialists Democrats destroy America🤮🤮🤮🤮🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

  24. Welcome to the WOKE olympics, make Mexico great again LOL.How much free shit will be promised to everyone tonight ?

  25. Where do you see all the clowns Democrats🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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