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10 Minute Abs Workout – Fitness Blender Abs and Obliques Routine

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  1. My favourite! First two weeks are really so challenging and after gives so much energy, strength and good mood!

  2. does this work and if it does, how long does it take for abs to show?

  3. i'm dead 💀 but i feel it so much and it feels good ✊🔥

  4. This workout is bruising my lower back is that normal and also it burns while i do it but when i stop it doesn't shouldn't it hurt after as well any suggestions

  5. core!!! arrrggghhh! felt like I could give birth!

  6. Awesome vid, I especially like the beginning it has alot of good content for me to use.

    I love your video.

  7. I'm starting this workout today Oct 14, 2019. I'm gonna update you guys if there's any change every week 😀

    1st week: I almost gave up doing this on my 2nd day cause it's really hard 😂 but i continued it. I can feel that my baby fats are slowly disappearing. There's still no big progress but it is working.

    10th day: I can finally see the change in my stomach and i'm happy about it 😀 The progress is slow but the result is great. I feel lighter than last week

  8. Ok, I am going to start every morning with these exercises before having my first coffee. First day is tomorrow. I am not going to do anything different other than that. I am very curious what will happen. (especially if I can keep my promise. LOL) I am going to messure my waist every week.

  9. Is it normal to have neck pain nd shoulder pain while doing bicycle crunches and oblique crunches??

  10. When he says „keep your lungs open” what does it mean? Should I exhale every repeat and dont do inhale?

  11. I’m currently doing this workout but I’m wondering if it will be a big difference that I just do this but not tgt with aerobic exercise?

  12. My neck and head hurt a lot is it normal?

  13. I've just try it today,after my main training. The reverse crunches the worst part of it. After that I try the other one, for back and arms. Brilliant. You stretch the abdominal with the second part. Till Xmas I will train 3 times at week this.

  14. so I won't be able to laugh for the next 4 weeks…

  15. Why does my comment gets deleted?
    WC 17 Sept 3 39 pm ✔️
    WC 18 Sept 4 05 pm ✔️
    WC 5th Oct 5 28 pm ✔️

  16. Each like is one day of this workout. I really need motivation, and i’m serious.

    And I dont see any comments about whether or not this works. Just comments on how painful it is. I'll report back to let you guys know the results

  17. I feel like reverse crunches are the burpees of ab workouts.

    The are NO words to discibe how much I loath them!

  18. good morning workout

  19. I felt the burn 💪😩👍

  20. This exercise is only for girls or boys too

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