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11 Health & Beauty Tips that Changed My Life

Take ’em with a grain of (Himalayan) salt, but these simple tips and tricks have the potential to make your life a whole lot better.


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  1. I just found you, great content! Loved the idea of the mustache dye! Do you happen to have a brand/ link?

  2. omg you don´t look of 30 you look 25

  3. You are so stunning!
    30 years!!!!?!??? You look like you’re in your early 20s! ..that’s so good ~ you’re glowing and radiating beauty.
    I follow you on Insta too ~

    Loved these tips so much. I already use a few of them ~ and now I want white mulberries 😍👌🏽

    @ethereal_mama x

  4. just for men on eye brows is genius, i'm trying it asap. what shade do you use?!

  5. Your hair is out of this world!! I always love your videos, I can't get enough. I really need to try this Himalayan salt water trick bc I pee like every 15 minutes haha. I totally agree to the brushing of your hair before the shower, it makes everything so much easier! Also, yes to the dampening of your skin before adding a moisturizer, I found that out years ago and it it changed my skin in ways I can't even explain!Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks! Also have to say how much I died over your 3d cat painting video!! <3

  6. Can you post a link to the mustache dye? I cant find and i have bleach blonde eyebrows as well!!!

  7. Why don't you just use henna for the red dye? Henna without indigo is naturally red, and just for men is toxic. I know holistic people like honey, but I'm vegan and I can't get over the bee vomit, plus it's stealing. And hairstylers use that trick all the time lmao XD. But I love you, I've been reading your blog and reading your posts on free people since forever, please keep posting on YouTube <3

  8. Yoooo I'm buying Just For Men like yesterday because I never wear makeup anymore and I miss my brows. Also, do you ever feel nauseated after drinking ACV? I put maybe an ounce in a full pint of water in the morning and I feel like I'm gonna vom every time, so I hardly ever do it. Maybe I just need to start even smaller?

  9. You’re literally the most beautiful ever. Could you do a video on your hair care routine? Your hair looks so healthy and pretty for being so long.

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