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2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Full highlights of the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship from Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

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  1. What did you think about this race?

  2. Love him or hate him, but Kyle has been the most winningest racer in the past 15 years. Congrats to JGR

  3. Nice! I was actually there..

  4. Didn't watch the race. Can't stand 90% of the drivers.

  5. Nascar sucks. They can have Kyle cry baby bush as champion it fits!

  6. Highlights??? That was the crappiest race thats ever been

  7. who puts the wrong tires on the 19. who puts tape on the whole front on the 11 I'm still lol…

  8. worse race ever for a champion ship race it was a joke the only one that was there to race was Kyle Busch

  9. Finally Busch won a legit championship

  10. There wasn't any highlights this was the boringest race ever

  11. Anyone up to killing the Crybaby that he wishes his wife's baby never died inside of her?

  12. Everyone hear me out for a minute here.

    Kyle Busch did NOT come into the championship race the favourite to win the title. He hadn’t won a race since Pocono and had one of his worst starts to the playoffs ever. He carried the torch for Joe Gibbs in 2018, with 8 wins, and he didn’t win the championship there. Kyle Busch had to rely on Hamlin and Truex to carry the torch and get him into the final 4 (and also on other problems). Kyle Busch did the exact same thing he did in 2015 (this was also stated by Adam Stevens in the post race interview), in 2015, he hadn’t won a race since Indy, and had to rely on Jimmie and Dale Jr to get him into the Championship 4, and Kyle won Miami there. Everyone says it, you don’t have to like Kyle Busch, but you have to just respect what Kyle can do in this sport. Kyle has become the 16th driver to win 2 or more championships, and is the only driver that has won repeat times in the elimination style format. (2015/2016-Present).

    Please keep this in mind.
    Have a wonderful day people.

  13. JGR pit crews ruined what could have been a great race

  14. Way to go KB !!! CONGRATULATIONS 🎉

  15. The second Cup of many more to come. Proud of you Kyle, GG.

  16. I wish anyone but Bland Busch, no personality and a sore loser but when he wins it’s just meh. But the candy man reigns victorious once again thanks in part to Denny & MTJ’s pit crews

  17. I wonder if Busch will complain about not being able to pass with this package now that he was the one who won. He is #1 ☝️ in the end so congrats (From a Harvick Fan)

  18. Not always the biggest fan of his but he won it fair and square. Congrats Kyle 👍

  19. Go Toyota!! 
    Well done, clearly the best!

  20. I like the old days … stage racing ! But Fox sports coverage is awesome .

  21. He wasn't even excited or happy to win. That lack of reaction completely strips the moment of any excitement or emotion. A win and championship wasted on an indifferent driver. Not good for NASCAR, not good for Kyle Busch

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