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8 principles to achieve optimum mental health | Dan Banos | TEDxRockhampton

Dan runs us though 8 points that not only assist our physical health, but our mental health as well.

Dan is a psychologist at Newstart Psychology & Counselling with expertise in adolescents, anxiety, child psychology, couples therapy, depression, HIV-AIDS, spirituality, stress, teenagers and more. He has ample experience administering psychometric tests to support the assessment of individuals cognitive and decision making capacity.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  1. Very good and a nice delivery, thanks.

  2. coffee is not bad its good for us but tea is better

  3. This guy is full of it. Water is the new snake oil.

  4. tradeoff: exercise requires either meat or too much time that you don't have

  5. With the exception of the ‘plant-based’ bit, this is straight GOLD.

  6. I could be wrong but I thought everyone has heard of the word temperance. Also I've read a lot about how tryptophan doesn't have that big of effect on serotonin as much on the brain as previously thought. But who knows

  7. I'm lucky if I get 5 or 6 hours interrupted sleep each night. I'm doomed!

  8. Well done sir, great Ted talk. 👍🏼👏

  9. I wonder if they tried testing the all nighters at different times to see if they really absorbed more information or not?

  10. I agree with most of what he said, which basically consists of common sense. He gave new reasons for doing these things. However, I think everyone is different and certain things, like going to bed early, might not be optimal for everyone.

  11. So temperance means no smoking, no alcohol, and no caffeine. Call it abstinence, not temperance.

  12. What’s with the weird Jaws music ar 4:05 ?

  13. Good presentation. Fundamental things, but many people just won't get what you are talking about. It's sad. Take some countries in Europe. They run after money all day in a job they don't like, give their children to daycare, send their grandparents to a nursing home and numb themselves for a few hours in the evening with beer and TV series. That's what they call life! And don't try to argue with them, this is the way it HAS TO be. I'm speechless by such a waste of life

  14. Sugar could have been added to temperance or total abstinence or reduction like the meat in nutrition category.

  15. Sugar could have been added to temperance or total abstinence or reduction like the meat in nutrition category.

  16. He is a good speaker: lots of pauses, looks at the audience, some humor, brings in previous concepts, analogies, data.

  17. Thanks. I enjoyed this. I think most of us know a lot of what was discussed but it helps to be reminded and get refocused on our health. It's easy to get distracted with our busy lives and the frequent distractions. Without health we really can't live optimal lives and enjoy the other things people strive for.

  18. undefined mental health? I'm sure everyone has the exact same idea of what it means right?

  19. Do you guys know that all what this gentlemen have said can be found in the first 2 chapters of the bible in genesis.i wonder if he is a seventhday adventist because the teaching is similar and according to research seventhday adventist lives 10 years longer than the average person.

  20. everything he said may work.except go out and breath the air and trust…this days the air is poisoned by those chemtrail…is real ..hard to believe.

  21. How important is mental health! My non-negotiable is that I have to go to gym at least every Saturday morning to start my weekend in a good mindset!

  22. love the way he expresses himself thank you …love this video

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