Next Xbox in 2012, PS4 dev in high gear

Link to Gamespot Article: GO HERE to contact your lawmakers and make your voice be heard on the matter: NOTE: DemandProgress does NOT give out your personal information. Get my newest YouTube Videos sent right to your Facebook page: Follow me on twitter:!/ReviewTechUSA Become a fan on Facebook: Check out […]

9 Things Poor People Buy But Rich People Never

Hey you — wish you could afford the new iPhone? How about a trip to the Bahamas? Why is it that no matter how many hours you work a week, you still find yourself sitting at home, eating top ramen, dreaming of a tropical vacation you can’t afford? Turns out, you might be wasting your […]

6 Simple Exercises to Lose Weight Without Diets

Do you want to lose weight but the number on the scale isn’t changing? Or do you suffer from face puffiness, body swelling, skin problems, and cellulite? These symptoms may be the signs that the lymphatic system is not functioning properly. It can be compared with a pump that is constantly moving: if it doesn’t […]

Streem buys Selerio in effort to boost its AR teleconferencing tech

Streem, an AR startup that is meshing teleconferencing software with computer vision tech, has acquired a small UK startup called Selerio that’s also building out augmented reality technologies. The startups were both members of betaworks’ VisionCamp accelerator program last year where they met and collaborated while tackling separate computer vision problems in the AR space. […]

How to Unsend a Sent Email in Gmail and Save Yourself From Embarrassment

Have you ever sent an angry email to someone and instantly regretted it seconds later? Or have you ever sent an email to the wrong person in a hurry? Well, now you can save yourself from such embarrassing situations. Gmail’s Undo Send feature is now a core part of the popular email service. In this […]

Best Budget Laptops Under Rs. 30,000 in India

In the market for a new affordable laptop? Today, we’ll talk about the best affordable laptops you can buy under Rs. 30,000 in India right now. A budget laptop is perfect when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a machine which you’re probably going to use for normal daily tasks. These […]

East Africa Closer to Banning Hydroquinone Skin-Lightening Products

ARUSHA, TANZANIA —  East African countries are set to ban skin-lightening products that contain hydroquinone, a medical agent linked to health problems when used in high concentrations. The East African Legislative Assembly last week passed a resolution calling for a region-wide ban on the manufacturing and importation of products containing hydroquinone. At a beauty parlor […]