Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Dananjaya banned from bowling for one year

Top stories from around the world in our round-up from September 19

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  1. Dear Pakistani friends, One indian bowler was also banned for his action this year, it was a major setback. Gosh I miss Rayudu's bowling😂🤣

  2. srilanka is notorious for producing chuckers aka javelin throwers. they just do not want to correct them despite the obvious flaw. they just want to ride the wave till the player is caught aka milk the cow. this is unfair for the players as well. some of whom know that their action is illegal and system said ok( you are innocent till you are caught) or nobody bothered to correct it and all of a sudden they are faced with career ending penalties.
    all cannot be as lucky as murali( he had great deception aka sleight)

    that whole doosra is a chuck. bending arm by 15% is bogus( some bent 40!).
    now this boy is paying the price.

  3. Alas! Only if he was an Indian Bowler….only then you are allowed to bowl with a suspected action!

  4. If you can't play him better banned him.How about banning Bumrah ?

  5. Bad luck for Dananjaya. Also, RCB is my team. Go Challengers!

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