Monday , October 14 2019
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Dobbs: Trump will choose a new adviser who will execute his strategies

‘John Bolton served this president well, and we thank him for his service,’ Lou Dobbs said on his FOX Business show, ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’.

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  1. Trump's adviser is GREED itself.

  2. USA needs to be more isolationist, stop with immigration from 3rd wold country’s and buy more American made products.

  3. The best laugh, who is going to be the next one to resign, if he can con anyone into accepting.

  4. What ever Trump is paying this pitchman, its not enough, but at least he knows what the price tag says on his integrity. GM workers on strike that will snowball into a desaster at polls for Trump.socialism at its best.

  5. It's like watching North Korea news media

  6. He might chose you if you keep giving on air hand jobs

  7. Lou, you should be R Kelly’s Lawyer. It’s people like you who said “ nothing to see hear, all awhile Catholic Priest played touch butt for the last century while people like and Hannity gave them Political cover fire

    Hey Lou, your a scum bag opinion Host, stop telling people your a news spot on Fox, that’s a Lie

  8. I totally repect our government but dobbs is right when he said there are people inside the government who want desperately to undermine president trump and its (NOT JUST) those four foul mouthed congress women

  9. Great patriot 🥰🥰🤣😍😍👍👍👍

  10. Pity Trump does not heed sound advice from people who know more than he does.
    But that's the Problem: Trump actually believes he is the smartest.
    Now, he has messed with China by disrespecting them… and there will never be a "deal".
    This Trump guy has no idea what he is doing.😠

  11. hey dobbs ,whos side you on ?

  12. You’ve got this one wrong Lou

  13. You’ve got this one wrong Lou

  14. You’ve got this one wrong Lou

  15. You’ve got this one wrong Lou

  16. Also what have I ever done to to you thanks for bashing me like you did I have a right to say what ever I want look up in the constitution and why I am at it I will be voting for trump better think twice before saying stuff like that to other people people like my self dont like being insulted ok you can bash me all you want but it dose not hurt me one bit what ever your name was trump 2020

  17. And pray tell me what that “strategy” is Mr. Dobbs ? Kowtowing to despots & dictators ? 😂

  18. "I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, "Let's talk about it tomorrow." – John Bolton.
    Trump" fired" Bolton on Twitter. Trump is a PU*Y A* BI*CH who cant fire anyone FACE to FACE.
    Grandma Dobbs thinks old Bone Spurs is a real man. LOL

  19. Bolton great service to USA is remembered. It sounded like a funeral script.

  20. Previous 4 advisers executed strats of Sell out Dems!

  21. So trump has been getting it wrong in his policies…. and maybe they all left because there's something wrong with trump

  22. Yes Lou Dobbs Agree that People from the US live in the same World as we do. 🙂 Good point!

  23. Dobbs used to sniff Bolton's hole, and now he turns on him?? Not very nice…

  24. Awwwww… the only people that LOVE Trump are Fox Fake News… all the other peoples on the planet don't LOVE the Orange Clown… Awwwww

  25. Another Trump BLUNDER. Rep. Omar summed up Trump's latest: "Great move and overdue!" That subhuman trash Omar loves Bolton leaving tells you all you need to know. Of course, Trump continues his BLUNDERS by continuing to retain the Deep State criminal protectors Bill Barr and Chris Wray, instead of firing them. STUPID!

  26. Well Trump has had as many Security Advisors as he has had wives in about the same amount of time.

  27. Why does he pick these people he knows they are neocons.

  28. Trump will never want a war between soldiers of any nation because that's what the left wants. He will make deals to strengthen America's economy.

  29. Bush was abducted by these kinda bitches.

  30. Trump should choose a new ag as well!

  31. President Trump will choose the right person! God bless him! Trump in 2020!!!

  32. John Bolton is a moron. You're fired!

  33. Trump drew Bolton in, studied his methods, learned his network and now discards him. Bolton was a globalist, world policing snake, just the kind we need to flush out of the swamp. I hope Trump got alot of names.

  34. How many more people are going to leave his cabinet. That's mean Trump is not fit to run this country. The worst president we ever had

  35. Like this guy always tells it how it is

  36. Trump could eat stir fried puppies , and Dobbs would find a way to justify it.

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