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EXPLAINER: The pluses of shorter Tests

Compact scheduling, spectator interest, freed-up space for ICC events all make it an interesting proposition.

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  1. It should be increase to 6days

  2. An over should have 5 balls instead of 6.

  3. Both night tests and 4 day tests have drawbacks. Here's a way to combine the two to advantage

    a) The first two days will have the usual day sessions with a red ball followed by a hour's break and a 100 minute night session with a pink ball in which a minimum of 15 overs have to be bowled(Failure to maintain overrates will cost 20 runs per uncompleted over)
    b) On the third day, the night session will be two hours long and a minimum of 20 overs to be bowled. On the fourth day, there will be two 100 minute night sessions separated by forty minutes
    c) To ensure player workloads are not too heavy, sides will pick a playing eleven consisting of players allowed to bat, but also alongside it a reserve keeper and two substitute bowlers – a total of fourteen.
    c) At the start of each session, a fielding and bowling side of eleven players can be picked out of all fourteen players. However substitute bowlers can only bowl a maximum of 25 overs per day during the day sessions with a maximum of 15 overs per bowler(though they can bowl without restriction in the night sessions) In addition bowling teams are allowed two mid session bowler substitutions per day per innings. Batsmen are also allowed to retire in between sessions and resume their innings later(at the fall of a wicket or another retirement) As far as fielding is concerned keepers can only change between sessions but neither the keeper nor the reserve can keep more than three sessions at a stretch so they have to divide up their duties. Apart from the keeper, ten midsession fielding substitutions are free per day per innings per team(excluding bowler substitutions) meaning a player can go off for a rest without actually being injured(but no further substitutions are allowed even if there is an injury so they have to be used wisely)

    The advantage here is that 80 overs of the fifth day are also accommodated within four days, players's workloads are managed and we get to see more players in a test match. Even if you can't make the playing eleven, a bowler like Ashwin for example can get in as a substitute(an tests outside India) and make an impact

  4. 4 days it's okay but they have to add extra session in day 4 *25 overs with at least one night session.
    & There should be extra activities & entertainment tools for the viewer in the stadiums.

  5. Executive summary: It's all about the money, not the heart. We should go back to timeless tests really, but, saving that, 5 days.

  6. What happens if the teams Draw on every Match?

  7. How many more years will kohli play change is most fundamental we should accept it

  8. I think 4 day test will bego

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