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How I Lost 15 Pounds | 10 Easy Diet Tips

The long awaited weight loss video is finally here. In 2016, I had gained 15lbs and now in 2017, I lost all of it. It took me an entire year to lose the weight and so I thought I’d share ten diet tips I’ve incorporated into my life to maintain a healthier lifestyle.


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  1. Here are 10 tips that I've incorporated into my life to maintain a healthier lifestyle!

  2. Looked way better at 120 pounds…. But either or you look good.

  3. Looked way better at 120 pounds…. But either or you look good.

  4. It’s so true what you said about watching and then eating and then getting seconds until you finish the show you’re watching😂 it’s really us vs our habits.

  5. a shot of vodka dosent have 100 calories per shot.. wtf? r u kidding me? if that was true then i would be 300 pounds.

  6. I don't like cucumbers and tomatoes either 😐

  7. Jung-kook said he likes tall skinny foreign girls so that’s why I wanna lose weight. I’m tall, but not skinny. I have amazing features (sorry if that sounds cocky) but I’m not the skinny. I was born chubby, ever since I was a baby, I always needed more then what I got, it got as bad as getting double than what and average person/kid/baby would get. I’m trying my best, this helped me a lot. It’s been a day and normally I eat nothing until lunch which is really bad, but now I have a schedule. Small-plated breakfast, 1-item lunch and a filling, but healthier dinner. I try not to get snacks unless I’m working out really hard and I get hungry before dinner.

  8. I’m 147cm, weighing 94lb and not as lean as your ‘after’ pic. Cue for losing weight?

  9. How to geetasheee slim legs 😢

  10. How tall are u? I love your voice

  11. This sounds like real advice that is easy and sounds extremely helpful

  12. 살상 사랑 사랑 💓. You are soooo pretty.

  13. I’m a young teen and I’m 115 pounds and ur 100-105, this really motivated me!

  14. i love you so much, thank you for this

  15. I’m 5’5 and 155 lbs I was looking at my body on my camera and I realized that my sides where getting fat and my stomach was starting to pop out. I looked it up and there it was I was supposed to be at least 12 lbs lighter. I’m going to try this to lose weight.

  16. The sad thing is i have a much bigger appetite than what's enough for my body type

  17. Also I have been exercising like others for 4 weeks, as a result, I got lost my weight over appx 20 lbs, but Not only taking out but also Meal plans were needed necessarily.

    this video clip is very very useful to remove belly and thigh fat so much. Please. check my channel related to 'How To Lose Weight So Fast'. Thank you very much.

  18. Please stop saying that you shouldnt skip meals. IF is the best for your health and weight loss and no it doesnt slow down your meatabolism. After like 5-7 days your hunger kinda goes away. You get hungry only at the time u usually eat.

  19. im legit watching this while eating chips LOL but ty for making this ill try them out:)

  20. when she put friends on that was so accurate to what i do

  21. I’m sorry if this was said but does anyone know how tall she is for 120 to be sort of heavier for her?

  22. 为啥会有中文标题 haha

  23. How tall are you? I’m 5ft and 116 pounds so I just want to gauge if you’re about the same as me 😊

  24. Omg you’re so pretty ! How can someone be so gorgeous 😩

  25. You're still supposed to drink milk.

  26. Is intermittent fasting a good idea??

  27. Probably the best video I've seen on this topic, positive & straight to the point! Love it

  28. Thank you soo much. It really helped to start with enough motivation

  29. It would have been much better if I found out this kind of “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a couple of years back. For 3 weeks of pursuing the programs, I reduced 12 lbs Of course I exercise a couple of times weekly, and also eat right. It showed amazing results for me. Definitely, this is important and I do hope this would give good results to you too because it did to me. .

  30. So you were 120 pounds and lost to 100 so it took you a year to lose 20 pounds? Not being rude btw!!!!!!

  31. I absolutely love your voice!

  32. 1:17

    Breakfast: Cereal And Water
    Lunch: Apple And Cucumber
    Dinner: Broccoli,Tomato And Carrots

    Is It Good For Diet?

  33. Swedes have a word for what u call the "sweet spot" – "lagom" 🙂

  34. I pay attention to my body, I can still watch tv while eating

  35. I was like noooo nooo exercise plss

  36. Low key I would prefer the left you in the thumbnail

  37. traditional deit of old korean @t

  38. Thank you for sharing your journey! I've lost 40 pounds, and I'm on my journey to let go of the last 15 pounds. I love seeing that you use "baby plates." I have baby plates, bowls, and cups for myself, too!

  39. These tips are AMAZING!!! Great work! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  40. Food is important too, but steady exercise is important.

  41. LOL in the beginning she was like "i was the heaviest at 120 lbs" and im like… "thats my goal weight…" the heaviest ive even been was 176 lbs (im 5 feet 4 inches tall btw) i have a pretty muscular body so i didnt look obese but i definitely looked fat. now im 165lbs but i just gained 12lbs in 2 weeks. i was 153 3 weeks ago but ive been so stressed lately and now i want to fucking die because i gained all that weight back that i worked so hard loosing this summer. if you have any tips for stress please tell me. good luck to the rest of you.

  42. I lost 50 pounds in summer by just Starving myself

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