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How to Boost Your Metabolism! Weight loss tips!

These are my top tips for boosting your metabolism!!
I have been on many different diets before, trying to lose weight. I have come to realize that it is not only about how much your eat, A LOT of other things are also very important, such as how often you eat, digestion, and sleep. I also want to let all the young girls out there know that starving yourself is definitely not the right way to lose weight, it is not healthy, and it will slow down your metabolism!!

All my tips here will help you to naturally boost your metabolism as well as maintain a good health.

I hope you find this helpful, and let me know what you think!!

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Thank you for watching ^_~ weight loss what i eat in a day vegan


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  1. Hi how u losse fat from your face ur face look vry slimmer now.

  2. This person doesn’t know shit

  3. Pressing the point have nothing to do with your digestion system. It's just for satisfying your brain that your are doing this for digesting food and your brain send the signals through nerve to stomach , so stomach starts working on this process. Remember The best excercis is to take control over your brain properly and it will take control on your body. When ever you eat make sure you spend much time eating and thinking of what are you expecting of consuming that particular meal. Even the law of attraction says what you think you become . The biggest secret behind is your own brains . Train it you will get possible result regarding all aspects. Food is just a source of life that we consume everyday but it enzymes throuh your digestive system which brain play a big role. People with lean body have better metabolism. They don't eat too much but they excercis very intensely . The secret is they have control over their brain. Everything starts from the brain 😀 if you want loose fat boost metabolism it's your brain use it lol

  4. I use to eat 500 calories a day and lost abit of weight but I gained it back fast if I started to eat regularly.

  5. Hi man
    How to dull skin & uneven skin tone removing tips

  6. Her: u need to sleep 7-8 hours a day
    Me:watching this @4:22 am 😂😂😂

  7. do those Chinese pressure point actually work?

  8. I drink like a gallon of water a day I love water

  9. What will be our diet and how do we come to know that our metabolism is getting faster

  10. i eat alot like alot n mostly junkies but i dont gain weight.m i sick?

  11. I only dont have breakfest cuz im lazy and in the 5th grade snack is still a thing so i dont have to weight that long for food. Plus me and my friends usually end up eating popcorn and chips behind ms.hills back

  12. I think I have high metabolism as I eat enough but still don't gain weight and I am under weight but I have fat in my stomach….what to do?

  13. here's several things for weight loss at home
    Ensure you drink enough water – I recommend eight cups each day.
    Set a max amount of chips candy sugary drinks you have per day.
    Cut down eating between meals or have fruit or vegatables.
    Record what you eat and check it to see how you can cut down.
    (I read these and why they work from Lakan food tactic website )

  14. "Sleep!" aaaaannnndddd im watching this video at 2 am.

  15. please tell me weight loss in pcos women????.?

  16. Wow i drink a drop of water and gain 10 pounds i hope this helps lmao

  17. You're beautiful. But your info is off

  18. bruh i had cake for breakfast

  19. Hi Mia, Thank you so much for all your videos so far. I really love all your videos as they are not only interesting but actually very informative too. So thank you once again. And yes I like a video that talks about water consumption; specifically talking about the warm and cold water consumption. And you know the rest.
    Hope to watch this video soon. All the best. Thank you once again.

  20. I have a naturally super high metabolism. I gained 15 pounds in less than 8 YEARS! I rarely ever throw up and I always eat my meals. I have a problem.

  21. Starving you're self does work but it's hard work. You have to exercise excessively, obviously that is not healthy.

  22. I love the pressure points! I will try that! I just did a similar video on my channel but with some other natural ideas!

  23. Hey Mia I loveeeee your videos..all the time I've spent over it never goes actually act like my big sister.. I always get that sisterly feeling watching you lol anyways thanks a ton and don't everrrrrr stop making videos pleaseee!!!!!

  24. Some people I know are very skinny and healthy but they don't eat breakfast ? xD

  25. i cant eat breakfast cause i wake up at 11 am HAHHAHA

  26. Mia I just love the top you are wearing

  27. "In the case where you've eaten too much…for me, every day." TRUTH AHAHAH.

  28. Wait, so why is sleeping between 11 pm and 2 am crucial?

  29. I love those points..will try it

  30. I have a lot of metabolism

  31. But my stomach will hurt whether i eat breakfast

  32. I knw im quite late but one question, where did u get ur desk OMG

  33. I eat fried chicken! DON'T JUDGE I'M BLACK!

  34. Artificial sweeteners have actually now been shown to alter the types of bacteria that live in your gut in a way that is leads to diabetes. In short, scientists fed lab mice sweeteners, and they got diabetes. Then they took the bacteria from their gut and transferred them to healthy mice on a normal diet, and these mice also developed diabetes. Take home message: don't eat too much artificial sweeteners.

    I've also found a cup of morning coffee after breakfast (no sugar, one or two creams) to be for great weight loss. (Make sure you eat breakfast!) I haven't confirmed with research yet, but caffeine may have some appetite suppressing properties, and the fat in the cream contributes to your feeling of satiety, so that by the time lunch rolls around, you can have both a smaller and later lunch (reduces snacking and overall caloric intake). For about 3/10 people, also, something in coffee (not caffeine, surprisingly) acts as a laxative, so you can… shed some more pounds?

    Word of caution: Don't take your coffee too sweet. Your body has no idea what to do with super high calorie/high sugar drinks, and you're likely to lose track of how much stuff you put into your body in drink format.

  35. I would gladly do everything except sleep more. That ain't an option in college

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