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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days – Indian Meal Plan / Indian Diet Plan by Versatile Vicky

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10 Kgs in 10 Days – Indian Meal Plan by Versatile Vicky 900 Calorie Indian Diet Plan / Lose 10 Kgs / Navratri Meal Plan / Diwali Meal Plan / Indian Diet for Men & Women

Fat Free Body Meal Plan | $1 Meal Plan | Lose 2 Kgs in 1 Day | Indian Veg Meal Plan | PCOS

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  1. Awesome i did this for 1 month i was around 123kg, after completion of this diet, i have lost 24kgs, 😍😍😍✌️️👍 i dont know but i feel like Dangal ka Aamir khan 👍👍🏃🏽 mazaa aagaya …! I used to go special place to buy my kinda cloths … lol now i get my size almost every whr, ek aur month uske baad, phatte khaana shuru …! Saala itna bhi control zindagi ka mazaa cheen letaa hai

  2. Hi vicky how to consume methi sprouts & can we take green moong dal in lunch & dinner what you mentioned in dinner pls suggest

  3. Nice diet plan it's working lose 5kgs in 7days

  4. Can you please do a diet plan for nursing mom's? Thank you.

  5. Can I eat soaked 2-3 almonds replace spourts?

  6. Hi Vicky, please provide an alternative for Dalia. It would be really appriective.

  7. Hi mam, can we use chicken curry in this diet

  8. Hi I have been doing this for 5 days I lost only 1kg but I am able to fit in my old clothes like one size smaller I feel I have reduced weight but when checked it's only 1kg.
    I do Lucy's 7day challenge workouts(abs,legs and backfat) u have mentioned don't do muscle training I don't know if those workouts are muscle training. So should I be doing only cardio like walking??? Please tell me

  9. Please clarify Whether Green Tea is recommended for woman trying to conceive or pregnancy

  10. Hey Vicky thanks alot u r ''THE BEST'' I was following ur raw meal diet for 8 days n lost 5.6 kg….. 😘😘
    Now I miss going to follow ur veg meal plan for at least 10 days let's see what would happen I will update that….

  11. Awesome I lost 2 kg in 4 days
    Before weight 64.4
    Today weight 62.2
    Feeling very happy ☺️☺️☺️☺️ thanks a ton vicky

  12. Mam put a video to reduce thigh fat any home remedy pls reply

  13. thanks mam I lost 3 kg in 7-8 days

  14. Gonna try from today onwards

  15. Hi vicky wats the gluten free alternate for wheat dalia?

  16. Can v combine dis plan with intermittent

  17. Thank you mam for this amazing information 😘😘😘😘

  18. Mam iam from India tamil Nadu kindly suggest some fruits & vegetables for same diet plan

  19. Hii Vicky
    I used to drink kangen water
    Is it works with this diet for weight loss

  20. Love you vicky for all videoes

  21. Do u have South Indian diet meal plan?

  22. Dear Vicky
    Can I add equal amount of oats flour and whole wheat flour for this above said roti For 900 CALORIE MEAL PLAN.

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