Friday , February 28 2020
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NBA fans react to the death of Kobe Bryant | USA TODAY

LA residents react to the death Kobe Bryant outside of Staples Center
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Hundreds of fans gathered outside of Staples Center to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, following his sudden death.

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  1. Look at these losers, don't they realise that the dead mamba wouldnt cry if any of them died…what's wrong with idiots now days,crying over a stranger isnt normal. I AM HAPPY THAT HE DIED

  2. That’s crazy how Kobe and his daughter died death really come out of no where.

  3. God is trying to get LA/World Attention 🙌 He is going back 😊

  4. Good riddance… one less democRAT


  6. Guys. U.S military jet carrying an EMP weapon caused Kobe's helicopter to crash? Someone commented on some other video bout. I was thinking the exact same thing after hearing about this tragic! Somehow someone wants us distracted from the Presidentials!

  7. 151,000 people die daily in this world and y’all keep pushing this man as a hero. Enough !

  8. Rip Kobe and gianna Bryant. You will be missed love ya guys

  9. I am sorry for his little girl and his family.but they mourn him more than a member of their own family.All of a sudden he is a saint.Not!

  10. You'll be missed..God Bless the family he was a wonderful man unbelievable still hard to believe.

  11. Just wanna put this in perspective imagine u wake up to a phone call and hear ur dad that was a legend and a positive soul and ur sister or daughter who had a bright future has died in a helicopter crash………….Devastation 😢

  12. Why is everybody paying attention to him and not about his daughter she died with him too

  13. I don’t follow basketball, why is he referred to as ‘mamba’? just an nickname?

  14. 90 percent of these border caravanners weren't even in the united States when Kobe retired.

  15. LA has a big Hispanic community and They are some of the most hardworking people on the planet. Latinos/Hispanics loved Kobe because they understood what Mamba Mentality was about… – Yes I made a comment and it is racial.. not racist just wanted to clear that up before i get a itchy trigger response. rip mamba

  16. The daughter situation is what really got me , that is horrible

  17. There is nobody in this world without dying, when do these countries understand death is part of life.

  18. Why did they only talk to Mexicans?

  19. Let’s be honest guys. Did you guys know the helicopter 🚁 that crushed video was hide because investigators will find out that its wasn’t a crush it’s was all set up by the__ ya know the answer. I have recorded the video during the Grand Canyon climb I didn’t know was him in the helicopter 🚁 I thought was sky divers. Letter on I find out and posted the video they took it down so before anything get worse, I wanna send this video to thousand fans so email me and I will email back with the video I took full crashes, viewer discretions advice. R.I.P brother. I hope the truth comes out so we can know what is this country all about. My death is next.

  20. Basketball is the main sport that Filipinos play in the Philippines. Many Filipinos today and the rest of the of the world are in great shock and wish that this is all a dream and hopefully wake up tomorrow that this whole thing are gone. I may not be a basketball fan, but today I stand and morne with the rest of the world on what happend. May God welcome u and ur daughter with open arms and guide to the light🙏😭

  21. I’m at a complete loss for words for this new year of 2020. All the viral outbreaks, the Australia fires where millions of innocent animals died, former NBA commissioner David Stern’s death on New Year’s Day, and now Kobe’s impromptu death… I can’t believe it. We’re not even through January yet. Nothing in life is guaranteed. It’s just upsetting how such tragic events can unfold just like that so unexpectedly.

  22. Oh shit,  here come the conspiracy theories and blame. I'll issue the first- (1) Unemployment under Trump increases one organ grinder out of work!  (2) Helicopters beez raycist n' sheet!  Come on people it was a goddamned entertainer.

  23. So sad that in just a blink of an eye 9 lives were taken RIP

  24. hi daughter died too she also needs to be honored

  25. May all those who died, May all they rest in peace.

  26. Kobe Bryant we well miss you to all our hearts.

  27. This shows how people truly felt about Kobe Bryant. I've never in my life seen more people be sad about a celeb or athlete's death than this. I made fun of the Dale Earnhardt people back in the day. Now I feel them. I'm sorry

  28. “Hero’s are remembered but legends never die”

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