Friday , February 28 2020
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New poll names Bloomberg as Trump's biggest 2020 competition

A new poll has the former mayor of New York City as the biggest threat to Trump’s re-election campaign. Fox Business’ Edward Lawrence reports.

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  1. Another rich white guy…I thought that was 3 strikes for dems. They are such liars…and he is a complete idiot….wasting his money because he hates trump. So stupid.

  2. GThe word monster is derived from the low part of a mountain…a monster can only perceive prospefity there….bloomberg was misdirecting and outlawing large softdrinks while the rent rates were quadroupled, industry gutted, and the peoples freedom made to readily take the blame as they paid rap and rock stars to psychologically predispose exactly that….all such that bloomberg could claim that laws ending freedom were the only thing that could do…what laws cannot genuinely achieve. Trump may have helped raise those rates…he may in fact be a close cohort of bloomberg and schumer..

    But bloomberg is a monster by definition….don't vote for what the media feeds you.

  3. The major issue with Bllomberg is he is running democrat. We need third parties. Democrats and Republicans only care about drug companies. Third parties care about America. They care about family, and they care about prosperity for the majority.

  4. People like Bloomberg are the reason the left has become “Anti-Semitic”.

  5. Bloomberg is nothing but a filthy politician


  7. This filthy billionaire scumbag just burning money on political ads, so he could steal the election.

  8. Bloomberg's ads are nothing but lies. All his money can't buy the truth.

  9. Thanks. I needed that laugh 🙂

  10. BS, he missed the deadline to register in VA, I think it's great he's rich, but his agenda is gonna cost lives, but that's a small price for Dem's correct? Va gonna fry him

  11. He is trying to buy an election,that is interference in the election process.He should be jailed.

  12. Bloomberg is just another Democrat turd bumping into the other Democrat turds in the already full democrat cesspool.he has about as much of a chance at winning as hillary has at accepting election outcomes.

  13. Want to lose all your rights, Bloomberg the way to get it done.

  14. Bloomberg is a snake. Typical demon-crat.


  16. I call bs! No one is going to vote for this arrogant rich man.

  17. I have a Poll for Fox….When have any of your polls come true.. Answer NEVER…

  18. Bloomberg vs Trump 2020 most likely going to happen. Money, Power, Greed, Corruption that’s how the Republic of the United States not “democracy of United States operates”. Let the best billionaire win haha 😂

  19. Your rights will be stripped from you if he was ever in pres. He would be almost like Hillary in office. WTH you know what you can do with that pole.

  20. If I’m not mistaken, he has ties to the Bilderberg secret society

  21. he will throw alot of money into the media to get some results i would vote for the Rock

  22. Our states are falling like dominoes in progression!!! FOR A REASON!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    Doomberg getting $ from Soros, Soros gets ALL $ from CHINA!!!
    CHINA doesn't want AMERICANS ARMED! for same reason Japan wouldn't asult U.S. in WWll !! Doomberg will bow out, 2 weeks b4 electn. passing support to which ever pile of diarrhea 💩💨COMMIECRAT partys got. Why U think in west Calif – Nev – Colo, east coast states at Wash-DC is now under Commiecrat control ! IMHO in fact, most if agree! THEFT OF AMERICANS RIGHTS IS TREASON !

  24. FAKE>>>>>>POLLS>>>>>>Must..have..bought…………….OB…and..such….blah…blah…blah……GO…..TRUMP!

  25. Smart investing. Can't beat him, buy voters to beat him.

  26. Fox making up News again , None of the Democrat running have the legal voter support for rallies so they don't have the Legal votes to win any elections (( Legally )) Trump can't legally lose in 20/20

  27. That's laughable.
    Trump 2020

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