Friday , February 28 2020
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Pentagon: Iran launches more than a dozen missiles against US troops in Iraq

Fox News’ Trey Yingst says reports can confirm that dozens of missiles have been fired from Iranian territory towards an Iraqi base that typically houses American forces.

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  1. Iran should save their missiles for fishing because sooner or later they will have a population full of hungry people since they are now being hit hard with US sanction. what good does that to their people, they are making it worst on them.

  2. Trump, had mad a deal with the mullahs, in exchange for Soleimani, he would go easy on them. Rouhani just provided
    necessary intelligence to Japan. This is just a phony game and The only loser here is the oppressed people of Iran.

  3. Iran can do anything to USA but not to Israel.

  4. Now this young man is providing a real news coverage . Thank you Trey and Lou !

  5. Be sure to flush 10-15 times out for those cancerous windmills..and mexico will pay for it….DJT will have your SSI in his bank by end of term…whats wallstreet-pentagon gonna do with it 70 million war refugees….

  6. Babylon versus Babylon😂😂😂

  7. Maybe the US should buy the Russian S400 missile defense system?

  8. Launching missiles across International Borders is a major problem & these sites aren't on the Border….. No, they're
    well into the middle of the Country of Iraq & it's the Deep State Globalist Elites who're trying to ensnare Pres.Trump
    into doing anything that be made to look bad against him. We ought to be asking who gave $1.3 Billion in CA$H
    & flew it into the Nation? Who all received American Taxpayer monies from that Illegal Transfer?
    When will our Government start prosecuting these illegal acts? ASAP I Hope?

  9. Send then candy grams or Landshark candy gram candy grames

  10. Reports of two dumpsters and a large Boulder killed at Iraqi air Base.

  11. The new scud stud.  Desert storm repeat.

  12. I think a kind of deal between few countries' done behind the desk is apparent and shows some kind of restraint from the sides, because immediate retaliations from the USA did not occur. Moreover, Iran could have fired more missiles proofs nothing to worry.

  13. Get ready folks Now there will be thousands from Iran getting free healthcare & jobs that pay very well. ANd homes cheapest than AMerican's pay for.

  14. It’s time to get out of the Middle East, nobody wants is there ( except Israel and Saudi Arabia ) and we should take care of the home land .

  15. Our missile hit Qassem in the nut sack.
    Iranian missiles took out Sand Dunes in response.

  16. Iran hit the country they aimed at. I will give them that.


  18. Where are our Patriot missiles

  19. CANADIAN MILITARY,,,,,,lol oxymoron

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