Friday , February 28 2020
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Prime Driver Health and Fitness 4 Minute Workout

Rev your [metabolic] engines! Start your driving shift by completing a simple yet effective 4 minute workout. Check out this video for a demo of what you can do to start seeing results and optimize your health and fitness as a truck driver!


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  1. If you squat like that after a 11 hr drive shift you’re going to straight bust your knee caps out …

    Make sure to warm up before you mess around and ruin your whole life

  2. AWESOME ! ! This is great for drivers. Way to encourage !

  3. Good for cardio but not much for strength gains at all

  4. a gym and healthier food options at all truck stops would help a whole lot.

  5. 'Get yourself a piece of cardboard.' Might I recommend a yoga mat for like 5 bucks at Walmart lol

  6. Prime Propaganda
    Distractingbattention away from the way trucking companies work drivers to death !

  7. Exercise is harmful to your health without recooperative rest !
    The life expectancy of a OTR driver is 62 years old !
    Exercise is harmful to a person's health if they don't not get the proper recooperative rest to work in conjunction with exercise
    Trucking companies like to pretend that truck drivers are lazy
    Dont like to exercise and don't eat nutritious meals
    The truth is ! Truck drivers are not paid enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle
    The health insurance industry is behind the whole driver exercise programs to cut down on claims and pay out
    The driver health crisis was created by trucking companies over decades of abuse and slowly working drivers to death for dirt wages
    A OTR driver is at their work station ( The Truck ) 168 hours per week
    There is no comparison between the restorative sleep in real bed in a house and the bed in the sleeper of a truck parked on a public parking lot with all of the sleep disturbance noises going on through out the entire night
    watching this is like watching a 17 year old girl advertising anti aging products

  8. To skinny to be real drivers 😂

  9. OK, looks like you were punching exercise!! Lol!!


  11. bruh, you didn't even do it for 4 minutes, though..

  12. no don't care for this routine but thank for sharing.

  13. You all are having fun working out. I do a very similar routine too! Truckers on the move…

  14. LOL!  Can you imagine the reaction at a truckstop if they all seen someone flailing around like this outside of their truck?   LOL!

  15. Future Prime Driver and have started to get back into shape & stay there

  16. Yes very good job and I needed that. .your very smart for those that don't understand the the seriousness of health on the road. .sipp your the man keep up with the videos for example and inspiration. .I know ppl may be like whatever at first sometime but you'll pop up in the head eventually lol

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