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Report: Ousted cardinal gave money to top church leaders

Theodore McCarrick, who was defrocked for allegedly abusing his office for sex, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to key figures, including Pope Benedict, the Washington Post said.




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  1. Let us take this moment to prey for all those evangelicals who have strayed from the path of the Magic Man in the Sky. Let the noodily appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster wrap gracefully around the greed to which they breed untill they repent to the boiling water and heat of the fire in which they came. RAMEN.

  2. Men of God? House of God??

  3. Stoned two birds in one year.
    Cardinal Pell and now this creep
    Has anyone raided the secret dungeons under the Vatican checking for kids being held prisoner and molested?

  4. Start treating religions like the criminal mafia cults they are

  5. 'A fund he controlled'.. tithes. God help us

  6. I have no doubt in my mind that this has been going on for centuries. Then they use the church money to cover it up.

  7. You know that Vatican 1 is the 1 true faith by how much the Satanic media attacks them. The synagogue of satan/freemasons took over the church after ww2

  8. I wonder how much treasure the German/Italian govts gave the Catholic Church during WWII?

  9. Any other organization would be accused of what they've been for so long they be shut down a long time ago it's disgusting it's sad that it's a joke now about priests molesting boys and everyone knows it it's disgusting that nobody has done something sooner

  10. $600,000 that could’ve been invested into homeless and poor.

  11. Imagine that. 🙈🙉🙊

  12. Stuff his ass and mouth with money till he suffocates with happiness. It's what Jesus would want.

  13. No other religious organization attracts as many pedophiles as the catholic church.

  14. Shouldn’t the crime be called “pedophilia” and not “sex crimes”?

  15. I'm a Christian and I go by the bible, these sick catholics go by their own traditions, nowhere does it says Pope, cardinal, arch bishop, catholic, papacy, mary worship, or wear white robes with gold and diamonds, no where in the entire bible does it say any of this. If you're a catholic, wake up already! This is not the church Jesus founded, Jesus Christ himself is the foundation, not peter. Get right with the God of the bible!

  16. Why aren't they scared of going to hell for molesting kids

  17. The Vatican is a criminal Enterprise, that needs to be investigated at the RICO level, or at least sanction

  18. Anybody in authority has the potential to abuse their position.
    All the same, I'm glad I left the church over 40 years ago. Best thing I ever did.

  19. Over $600,000? Who knew priests make so much money? Seems hard to believe it was legally earned money.

  20. The Catholic Church is a criminal organization

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