Friday , November 22 2019
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Schiff: Trump Tried To 'Take Advantage Of A Vulnerable Ally' | NBC News

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., detailed Amb. Gordon Sondland’s involvement in dealings with Ukraine and brought up President Trump and Secy. Pompeo’s noncompliance in the investigation.
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Schiff: Trump Tried To ‘Take Advantage Of A Vulnerable Ally’ | NBC News


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  1. He’s the real life version of micheal Myers as a politician!!!

  2. Of course you don’t show the rest of it… like how the witness admitted nobody told him there was no tit for tat or you do this then we will do that. He “assumed”. He even admitted the president told him he wanted absolutely not hi GM except for the new president of Ukraine to tell the truth and do what was right.
    NBC used to be a good news source, but now you’re just the propaganda arm of the Deep state. You’re a joke, like CNN. You’re modern day Nazi’s trying to twist public opinion with your half truths and lies. How do you people sleep at night? You want to come off as elitests, when you’re nothing but whores and pimps for the DNC 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Dems dont have a chance in 2020 thats why we have this circus

  4. I guess it wont be until years later when the movie is made, that we will hear the first part of this story. Putin's involvement. No, not regarding all of trumps corrupt political shenanigans ….but where Putin loses his corrupt Ukrainian puppet for an honest man, Zalinski and immediately reacts by calling up his US puppet trump to get a lid on it. Remember, corrupt =works for Putin (like trump) Honest= works for the people of their country (unlike trump) Putin is so smart. If Zalinski wouldn't lie down for Russia, well maybe he would for US aide money. So in the end Putin is still in control of Ukraine, albeit indirectly. He controls Trump, who can manipulate Ukraine.

  5. Honestly Russia having interfered with the 2016 election has got to be the longest running joke

  6. Herr Reich Chancellor, Obama tried to take advantage over a vulnerable Ally by not sending them aide, and letting Clinton sell uranium to the Russians. Herr Schiffty seems to see what he wants to see.

  7. Adam Schiff admitted that he had a semenal moment during the hearing? Ugg. please tell him to wash his hands

  8. Attempting to get a newly elected anti-corruption president to commit his first corrupt act and investigate Biden is egregious. That is corruption and impeachable.

  9. It puzzles me why adam schiff is so agog about the release of that military aid when all the people around him knew it had already been released after the president was convinced zelensky is an honest and incorruptible leader. Why? Is it because the deep state, the king rat obama, the queen rat clinton were afraid thier CUT FROM THE FUNDS WOULD NO LONGER FILL THEIR POCKETS? IS THAT IT?

  10. Evil Adam & Old Fox Nancy Are Corruption & Treason.


  12. Hey… to those who condemn Adam Schiff, You guys should be grateful to him for expending so much time, energy and efforts to run this inquiry!! I bet he has been working crazy long hours to put this together. BE GRATEFUL that he's fighting the corrupt President and his croonies, for you guys! Schiff can chose NOT to do it, making life easier for himself!! He's a partriot!! Its baffling that some of you are condeming him, YET allowing Donald Trump to use the presidency to line his own pockets and selling out USA! I am not an American and observing things with impartial view. God Bless USA!

  13. If anyone wants to get to know Shifty a little better …. just google "Adam Schiff and Ed Buck" and you will discover some very interesting new things such as drugs, murders and sacrifice parties. The articles give you a little better insight into the man that is leading the unfair impeachment inquiry.

  14. "…and I was asking, essentially, President Pompeo's permission…" – Gordon Sondland's testimony while being questioned by Rep. Steve Castor


    Don't have to, there's actually first hand witnesses testimonies.

  16. "He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length, it becomes habitual." Thomas Jefferson

    "I lie for a living." Donald Trump

  17. shifty schiff your a traitor

  18. Evil Adam tried hard to undo election 2016 result But, the more you try the more you fail

  19. Adam Schiff remember Watergate with Nixon was seen across the nationWatergate was a real thing and this is the same corruption going on with this administrationkeep those impeachment hearings going until we get those documents from the white house because the American people deserve to know about these documents and hear what is in them they are so damaging that is why Donald Trump in my PayPal is holding them up and will not turn them over but keep this hearing going until we get those documents even if it's in 2020

  20. Keep these impeachment hearings going cuz they have proved that the president is guilty and those trying to cover up those who are involved that belongs to Donald Trump's administration we need to keep waiting on those documents and continue this impeachment until we get those damaging documents from the White House because the American can be patient the American people deserve to see those damaging documents that the White House do not want the American people to see

  21. Schiff needs to be locked up !!!

    Trump 2020

  22. If Schiff was an honest person he would not be taking sides? To be honest you have to remain neutral and not take sides. He represents the American people not his private wishes. He has took sides and now he doesn't represent all Americans.This is not what our forefathers planned when they drew up our constitution. He is a dirty lowlife and he is the one that needs to be impeached.He has a personal agenda he aims to fulfill this is corruption at a very high level!

  23. Sondland: I dont recall. I dont recall. I dont recall… Liar!

  24. Why must you waste my hard earned tax dollars I work for a living over 70 hours a week and don't want to see this crap going on trump is in office with any luck he will be their his second term you have no case leave trump alone or I will sue you for wasting my tax dollars do you understand

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