Friday , February 28 2020
Home / News / Schumer slams US-China phase one trade deal: 'Trump bent to China'

Schumer slams US-China phase one trade deal: 'Trump bent to China'

Senate Minority Leader Schumer and Sens. Brown and Wyden hold press conference on U.S.-China trade agreement.

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  1. 89 senators disagreed you today Chucky .

  2. Chuck the schmuck, give it a rest already

  3. trump has done more for this country than all the democrats put together

  4. What the Socialist-Democrats DO-NOTHING have ever done concerning China? NOTHING!! Apart from Joe Biden colluding with China to allow his son to fill his pockets with money, as he also did with Ukraine!!

  5. Schumer is FOS and needs to visit NXIVM sone more, dirty sloth!!

  6. This is a bad deal, No US tariffs reprieve, Forced to buy hundred of billions of US produce. Bad deal, Sigh……

  7. Chuck the schmuck Schumer, has no shame, and lies with a straight face. Thank God 🙏 that he's in the minority

  8. This Schumer is such a piece of garbage, what did he accomplish is his 20+ years in government…..only lies and smearing and enriching himself

  9. Trump best president 2020 🇺🇸

  10. No Democrats roots for president Donald Trump!!!!! Democrats sleep eat impeachment , lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit draining our tax dollars hurting United States of America 😡

  11. They hold a press conference to bash the trump trade agreement with China a day after the signing of it.🤦‍♂️

  12. I havent seen the deal myself but I know for a fact it's a good deal for America. How do I know: because the president of china didnt come himself he sent an underlining to save face.

  13. 20 years Schumer has done absolutely nothing in Congress about China? Now Schumer is an expert on trade ? Give us all a break and keep your opinions to yourself. Trump cut off all Kickbacks. Democrats are Furious! Thank you Prez

  14. But don't take anyone's word for anything. You can read the deal. It's on Fox's website. 94 pages. Up to page 50 and it still looks like it's going in the right direction. And of course we all know Schumer is a liar, and he's at his lying best when he says he was rooting for the president.

  15. Go visit Satan Schumer. What have YOU DONE. ????

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