Friday , February 28 2020
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Should Netflix start adding advertisements?

FOX Business’ Deirdre Bolton reports on Tuesday’s Netflix earning numbers. Then, Kingsview Asset Management CIO Scott Martin, columnist Liz Peek and MarketWatch tech editor Jeremy Owens analyze what these mean for the streaming giant.

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  1. Stop supporting this neo – liberal organisation. This organisation is morally bankrupt.

  2. Then the sponsors will jerk us around through their ad usage and eventually political persuasion will enter into it all!! Can't stand Netflix anyway!!

  3. You're still watching Netflix?
    There's your problem.
    Get off Netflix !!

  4. Netflix will be done with or without ads. Slow inevitable decline has started

  5. If they do they’ll lose countless subscribers.

  6. That's what CABLE T.V. has done. When CABLE first began, it was "Pay us a monthly service fee and there won't be any advertising."

    Now "we pay them" and they shove non-stop ads down our throats anyway.

    I AXED Netflix BECAUSE OF THE purported BIG DEAL with Hussein and Big Mike – 8 frikkin years of those two was ENOUGH!!

  7. why pay for a service if they have advertising ? would netflix become free ?

  8. Netflix starts running ads… I'm out.

  9. No they should not be adding ads one of the reasons I like watching them because they have no ads they are turning into Hulu that’s horrible.

  10. If Netflix starts constantly interrupting movies, I will drop my subscription.

  11. I already barely watch Netflix..
    If they add ads on top of me having to pay for it… no more Netflix for this guy

  12. Theoretically, they are legally able to include ads to the shows provided by their services. The CATCH is that this will probably cause a ton of subscribers to turn them off.

  13. The pleasant ad-free viewing experience was the one perk Netflix had going for it. Their content is increasingly worse and my family just cancelled its subscription. Are they still high and mighty enough to threaten boycotting pro-life states?

  14. Nobody should be doing anything i have not set forth

  15. They have not taken responsibility for creating a destructive chemical energy substance attack on the population with the intent to generate suicidal constructs

  16. Who cares about Hollywood, they are crap.

  17. If they start ads then goodbye Netflix. 🎩👌🏼 we all migrated off cable partly to get away from shitty,harassing,repetitive commercials.

    Can live w out Netflix 😂

  18. Streaming Wars are actually killing streaming. It's just like cable TV again. Netflix used to have all the shows now they just only have a few shows and Netflix specific shows.

  19. Lol, try it. I dare ya, NETFLIX

  20. Add ads and lose me. No questions. Just canceling the app

  21. As soon as they quit charging me every month.

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