Sunday , September 22 2019
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Steve Forbes calls for action after attacks on Saudi oil fields

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on Saudi Arabia drone strikes.

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  1. Biggest idiot ever born in universe history is Trump.
    Saudi and Israel did attack on oil field.
    Saudi wanna oil prices around $75 or higher.
    Israel wanna Iran finished.
    Win win situation, get it

  2. Steve Forbes never heard of Liechtenstein. I wiped out most of the Forbes fortune.

  3. Am I going to send my son for a pork like you no

  4. I am surprised that Steve Forbes talked like John Bolton here advocating military attack on Iran. Trump probably will fire Steve when he heard about it.

  5. If Saudi Arabia decides to strike back at Iran then good, they should. We, the US, do not need to do that Mr. Forbes.

  6. We need send all the politicians and Media that is pushing this Crap.
    No more Wars. No more Lies 🇺🇸

  7. Remember Iraq and the weapon's of mas distruction??
    No we are Not the Police of the world
    No more Wars. No more Lies
    Bring our Troops home Trump 🇺🇸

  8. Continued economic pressure, don't create an environmental nightmare blowing up refineries, the
    Iraq shock and awe policy was pure mulitary stupidity,

  9. Steve thinks it’s wonderful to have 50 million tax subsidized illegal laborers in the USA so.. wtf is he doing on Fox talking about anything?

  10. No one should go to war with 22 trillion in debt .

  11. Steve . Don't you have a frolic to attend to with Rockefeller, Rothschild and Soros?

  12. They will make biggest mess. Don't play with the fire.

  13. That's all we need is another warmonger, let the Saudis retaliate after all they have billions of $ worth of new US armaments

  14. wonder is Steve would feel the same way if we put his grandchildren on the front lines to pass out ammunition clips during the fighting…….. we should and can support Saudi when and if they need to respond, but they should handle the situation, Lord knows they have enough of our military equipment and jets…

  15. I just wanted to known the size of the drones

  16. We dodged a bullet – Trump fired Bolton just in time!

  17. Forbes demand we go to war for oil. Big Shocker, eh?

  18. Warmongerer must own stocks in Raytheon. Go fight Iran yourself!

  19. Go to war for the Saudi's ?…. I don't think so.

  20. 450 cruise missiles should do the trick..and spike the US Military contractors to build more! A win win situation…..Go 45!…Trump 2020!

  21. who gives a sweet what u call for Forbes????? who ta hell are u??? we are not going t war …u are Not the president….u just want t line your pockets again !! screw u they can handle their own war!! US. doesn't have to get involved Everytime someone farts crossways!!!!

  22. Steve is a globalist and has no military experience to suggest any military action.
    The man is an elitists a globalist,
    I am not surprised he would call for a military option.
    Did he dream of being a military man an so he is.
    Get real

  23. The Iranian logical response to any aggressive moves by USA might be to strike Saudi oil processing which has not been damaged and make a clean sweep of all still functioning facilities. Climate change believers could even be behind what has happened.

  24. Two idiots. There is no confirmation Iran did it, Iran is to the East not north you DUMBASS, the attacks came from two directions.

  25. Isn't Israel to the north as well? Everybody that proposes war should be leading from the front, not the behind!

  26. American people will not tolerate yet another war in the ME and the current 'occupant' of the WH knows that. War with Iran with its one million-man army and ballistic missiles would be a nightmare lasting years. Would make Afghanistan and Iraq look like a picnic.

  27. start a war with Iran and it will go on for years with enormous destruction and casualties as Iran is no Iraq as it possess real wmd such as ballistic and cruise missiles that can hit anyplace in the region.

  28. Fake , this is staged. We do not need oil from them in the USA we are the largest export of oil. And they raise prices for NO reason here. They want to start a war and to raise prices because oil was falling way to low. Do not fight in this new war. Do not believe the lies.

  29. This more than Sunni and Shia, the oil is vital to other countries that are solely dependent upon oil to produce their electricity. The Sunni and Shia are just a bunch of fakes. We cannot let Iran holds the world to ransom. Something gots to be done.

  30. The deep state doing what they do best…..getting other people killed for material gain

  31. Which Fuggin side are you really on forbes…,that would be a DS manouver

  32. You lead the charge, Steve.

  33. Let the Saudi's do it, they are the ones who were attacked. With full support of the USA.

  34. John Bolton fired the missile that hit the Saudi oil plant!

  35. Money money money. Sent young men to die. What a great plan

  36. This is a provocation by Iran to force the us to back off sanctions.
    The problem is if you attack Iran you have no choice other than a complete destruction or the current regime. If you do nothing this will continue to escalate.

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