2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini RELEASED with A12 Chip – First Look

Apple has just released a new iPad Air and iPad Mini for 2019 and has given it the A12 Bionic Chip as well as Apple Pencil Support. iPad Mini 2019 is priced at $399. iPad Air 2019 is priced at $499. ————— FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA —————– Follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/sakitechonline Follow […]

Try Amazon Alexa In A Web Browser | Crunch Report

Amazon Alexa can now be used in a web browser to test it out. Facebook starts selling offsite ads. Apple pay wants to expand into more countries in both Asia and Europe. Nick Denton from Gawker challenges Peter Thiel to a public debate and Twilio is looking to IPO soon. All this fun stuff on […]

Yahoo confirms huge data breach | Crunch Report

Yahoo confirms a huge data breach from 2014, Amazon launches Amazon Prints, Apple Buys Tuplejump, a machine learning startup, Fidelity Investments has the most investments in startup unicorns than anyone else, Weebly updates its platform to Weebly 4. All this on Crunch Report.

China's Didi Chuxing Valuation Hits $50B | Crunch Report

Didi Chuxing is valued at more than $50 billion, SiriusXM acquires Automatic for more than $100 million, Apple Music wants to be Apple Video with the next iteration of the app focused on video and Everfi raises a $190 million round. All this on Crunch Report.

Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone Xr – Comparison and Conclusion

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10e or the iPhone Xr? In this video, we will answer this question directly. Samsung Galaxy S10e is the “budget” model from Samsung, priced at $750 while the iPhone Xr is the “budget” model from Apple, equally priced at $750. Let’s find out which one makes more sense. ————— […]

Apple’s iMac 5K Retina Display

Apple’s newest iMac has a Retina 5K display, which Apple says is the highest resolution display on the planet. The new screen is, as you might expect, gorgeous at first sight, and prolonged exposure only heightens the experience. And even as someone who’s used to using a Retina MacBook Pro as his main machine, it’s […]

BlackBerry Z30 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Blackberry Z30 vs samsung galaxy s4. A Comparison of Samsung Galaxy s4 vs Blackberry Z30 including Display, Processor, Operating System, Camera, Dimension/Weight and RAM/Storage. Thanks For watching and Subscribe For More Videos !!! Google Nexus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLvOLJKdVF8 Google Nexus 5 Camera Samples HD – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66FlBFrHNZQ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera […]

Amazon Is Trying To Compete With Fire TV Competitors…By Stifling Them

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