Training Progress | 172Kgs Deadlift | Imran Saifi

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AverageJoe2Hero Transformation – Day 0 of 90

3 days ago (2nd March 2011) I started Day 1 of the ‘AverageJoe2Hero Programme’ 5 review periods: Day 18 – 19th March 2011 – Done Day 36 – 6th April 2011 – Done Day 54 – 24th April 2011 – Done Day 72 – 12th May 2011 – Done Day 91 – 31st May 2011 […]

13 year old body transformation

This is my body transformation from fat to abs.My name is mathias and im 14 years old now.When i was 13 years old i decided to make a change and i also decided to document it.This transformation was done with only calisthenics so no weights! And if i can do it you can to! Big […]