That's What Destroying Our Planet's Magnetic Field

We, humans, like to think that we know about and can control everything that happens on our planet. But it is far from the truth. Because right now, somewhere above our heads, in addition to Climate Change, the Earth’s magnetic field keeps weakening at an alarming speed. And the region that concerns scientists more than […]

Why No One Can Bring Liquids on a Plane

Have you ever been held up in airport security because some knucklehead broke probably every liquid rule there is? Going through security is hard enough, so why on Earth have they come up with this ridiculous liquid thing to slow us all down? What’s so dangerous about a bottle of water or your favorite perfume […]

Science Proves Tickling Kids Isn’t Okay

Do you enjoy being tickled? In truth, there are few people who would firmly answer “yes” to this question. And while it seems not too much of a problem, you can have trust issues because of childhood tickling. Sounds crazy, but there’s plenty of reasons for that. We’ve all been tickled from time to time […]

Scientists Just Discovered 300,000 New Hidden Galaxies

Have you ever gazed out at the night sky and been fascinated by a bright band of stars? That’s the Milky Way – the galaxy where our sun hangs out. And the sun is not the only star in the Milky Way, and the Milky Way is not the only galaxy in the universe. Astronomers […]

10+ Ways Cats Show They Love You

Life is simply not as fun without a cat. Just think, when was the last time your little fluffy amused you with their hunt for another fly, or how they suddenly began to complain when you returned home? They’re more than our beloved pets, they’re family members. And if they suddenly bite you after rubbing […]

It Could Be Titanic II But a Guy Saved 600 Passengers Alone

You might think that the times of the Titanic are long gone, but what if I told you that less than 20 years ago there was another ship that almost followed in the steps of the Titanic? This time, abandoned by their captain, around 600 passengers would have lost their lives if not for the […]

Real-Life Tarzan Chose to Live in the Jungle for 50 years

The mysterious jungle is known to be the home of many different species – and humans, unfortunately, aren’t among them. In fact, when we hear the word jungle, we tend to run away from it as fast as possible. It sounds cozier to sit at home, watch tv and enjoy our everyday luxuries, like a […]

20 Strange Tips for Falling Asleep That Actually Work

How to get rid of sleep problems? When was the last time you had a really great night’s sleep? Yesterday? Last year? When you were a child? Anything from body pain to your sleeping position to your emotions can disrupt your sleep cycle, causing you to wake up fatigued. So what can you do to […]


For sisters, life is a never-ending circle of following and copying each other, sharing things, and communicating using sarcastic idioms. As we grow up, our disdain for our siblings grows into a strong feeling of love. It’s no surprise — you’ve gone through so much together! And at the end of the day, there is […]

Your Brain May Sleep Without You Even Knowing It

Ever dozed off before your PC at work only to wake up mere seconds later? Tedious job will do that for you. And now imagine that you’ve been driving for 10 hours non-stop, and that you didn’t really have a good night’s sleep before that either. What do you think may happen while you’re at […]