What If a Bird Flew Into a Airplane’s Engine?

Are you afraid of flying? Or maybe you’re really fascinated with aviation? Then there are all kinds of questions running through your mind. Like what would happen if a bird flew into a plane’s engine? Or if the pilot can do us all a solid and fly around that terrifying turbulence! Did you know that […]

How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

What’s the best sleep position for your health? On average, we spend 25 years of our life sleeping. Sleeping well has many benefits — it not only revitalizes the body but also makes the brain work optimally. We all realize that time is very precious, so it is of the utmost importance that the time […]

8 Alarming Signs You Have Too Much Estrogen

Have you been experiencing strange symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, and trouble sleeping? If so, it’s a good time to give it some thought since too much estrogen could be responsible. Estrogen is the primary female hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the reproductive system. It establishes gender characteristics like underarm hair, the […]

What If You Stopped Washing Your Face?

What happens if you stop washing your face? You wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom, and give your face an energizing and refreshing wash. But what if you skipped that part of your daily routine for a whole month? Would your face get greasy and red with pimples? Or would it be […]

9 Signs You Need to Eat Fats Right Now

Are fats good or bad for you? People often ignore minor problems with their health, but these issues might be the first signs that you need to eat more fat! The thing is that not all fats damage your health and lead to obesity. Healthy fats are essential for your body! They help your skin, […]

10 Absurd Reasons Why People Decided to Divorce

What’s a valid reason for divorce? Ah, so many jokes and sitcoms are centered around the difficulties of married life! Apparently, even the pettiest things can be solid reasons to call it quits! Of course, the ridiculous stories on this list are probably isolated cases, but that doesn’t make them any less surprising! For example, […]

4 Things They Forgot to Tell You In Driving School

How to become a better driver? Even the most experienced drivers don’t always know all the subtleties or nuances that can make driving easier. And most of them are convinced that if they know all the rules of the road, they’ll be ready for any situation that may occur. However, besides these rules, there are […]

What If You Dug a Tunnel Under the Ocean?

It takes approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes to get from London to New York by plane. If you choose to take a trip by ship, you’ll spend almost a week in the ocean. But what about traveling a distance of 3,460 miles within an hour? Yup, a new type of transportation might appear in […]

Your Thumb Shape Can Say the Truth About You

What does your thumb say about you? Our hands can reveal a lot about us, even the shape of your finger can say a lot to a criminalist, especially a thumb which is often not even considered a finger. It is unique because it has 2 phalanges rather than 3 and it controls your handwriting. […]

11 Easy Tricks to Control Your Body In Any Situation

The discomfort of really needing to go to the bathroom, that annoying tickle in your throat that just won’t go away, sudden side cramps when you’re running: sometimes our bodies can be a real inconvenience! But believe it or not, there are tricks you can use to control these natural body reactions. Did you know, […]