A Color Test That Can Read Your Mind

The amazing world of magic attracts both children and adults. As kids, we all loved magic tricks, didn’t we? We get older, but a good tasteful trick or illusion never does. So wanna see a little magic right now? This test is a special combination of numbers and colors. It’s not difficult! The only thing […]

25 Traditions Sound Strange to Us But Totally Normal in Other Countries

“So many countries, so many customs.” Any jet-setter will agree this good old proverb is true. In the age of globalization, going places has become an essential part of our life. We’re all well aware of the fact that while visiting a foreign country, we must obey certain local traditions and common rules. What would […]

11 Secrets the Queen's Guard Don't Like to Speak About

Here is a riddle for you: red jackets, unsmiling faces, and huge black furry hats. Who are they? The University of Houston Marching Band? Well yeah but, I’m talking about those other guys! Those are the Queen’s guards in London, the capital city of the UK! These easily recognizable and regularly photographed guys may always […]

They Found a Man at Sea But How He Survived Is Shocking

Stories about world records are often stories about fierce competition and glory. But the holder of this stunning record once famously said that he really hopes no one will ever have to beat it. And it’s not because he wants it only for himself, but because we’re talking about Poon Lim, the man that survived […]

Doodle VS. Reality

Hey, guys! Do you remember Stickman? Yeah, that little guy who just can’t stay away from trouble. New adventures are waiting for him! Today, he’s in an empty office. There’s a lot of cool stuff here he can play with! Some of them are dangerous 🐍 (or maybe Stickman has a good imagination?), some of […]

If You Solve One-Third of These Riddles, Tell Your Friends You're a Genius

Are you looking for a way to stimulate your brain and kick boredom to the curb? If so, then these funny and tricky riddles are just what you need! This video is going to warm up your brain and stretch your imagination. Be sure to pay attention to the little details and think outside the […]

15 Smart Ideas That Will Awaken Your Inner Gardener

With summer well on the way in the northern hemisphere it’s time to dig out the gardening gloves gathering dust in the tool shed. However, huge vegetable garden means not only fresh salads but also backache and sore knees. Working in a garden is hardly relaxing, but a stunning vegetable patch can become a gardener’s […]

Having a Younger Sister Can Increase Your Weight

If you’re a girl then you know that having a younger sister is a lot of fun even though she keeps borrowing clothes from your wardrobe. But would you believe she can influence your life in a much more serious way? Researchers from Sweden and New Zeland teamed up to find out if there is […]

A Glass of Water Saved a Plane From Crashing

The plane had been used for 20 years, but it had never suffered a single accident before, so the cabin crew had no doubts the flight would be easy. Passengers got on board the plane; flight attendants nonchalantly checked their boarding passes; everything went as usual. The first pilot greeted everyone, and the flight began. […]

This Airport Never Had a Flight And the Reason Is Surprising

The idea of building one large, modern airport that would handle most of the flights in Berlin was met with enthusiasm. This airport was supposed to become the third biggest airport in Germany, after Frankfurt and Munich. But the opening has been put off several times and is already almost 3,000 days overdue. Some people […]