Angry Customer Destroys Gamestop Because He Couldn’t Return Fallout 76 (Footage)

A customer at an undisclosed GameStop location attempted to return a copy of Fallout 76.. Due to the fact that it was an open, new game (without a receipt), he was told he could not receive a refund for Fallout 76. The customer then walked out of the GameStop, destroying everything that was in his […]

Save Your Money. Don’t Buy An Nvidia Geforce RTX Graphics Card (Not Yet Anyway)

(Some) early adopters of Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards have been having a plethora of issues with them. Some of the issues, have been blue screens, system stability issues and heavy artifacting during game sessions. Yesterday, news outlets believed that Nvidia delisted it’s RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition GPU due to the […]

A HUGE PlayStation 5 (PS5) Leak Just Happened…

A Reddit user who goes by the name RuthenicCookie (The person who leaked that Sony would skip E3 2019), made some bold statments regarding the upcoming PlayStation 5. RuthenicCookie leaked the release date, Console price and (some) specs of both the PlayStation 5 and the PSVR 2. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more awesome content. Check […]

Ubisoft Has The Solution To Get Rid Of Microtrnsactions Once And For All! #TRIALSRISING

In February of 2019, Ubisoft is releasing Trials: Rising. A New installment in the platforming/racing series. Fans are excited for the game, but to their dismay at has been announced that the game will incorporate cosmetic microtransactions. Developers took to Steam to explain the microtransaction implementation, with one being refreshingly honest about how he felt […]

Bill Maher Mocks Stan Lee Fans And Looks Like A Complete Fool

Bill Maher, who is known for his HBO series “Real Time With Bill Maher” created a blog post sharing his opinion on the recent passing of comic book legend Stan Lee. His opinion was very controversial and he has received quite a bit of negative press due to what he said in this blog post. […]

Cliff Bleszinski Says He’ll Never Make Another Video Game…

Cliff Bleszinski, who is known for his work at Epic Games by spearheading such titles such as Unreal Tournament and The Gears of War series, attempted to start a new game company known as Bosskey Productions. The company produced two failed games (Lawbreakers and Radical Heights) and shuttered it’s doors earlier this year. Cliff state […]

A Discless, Cheaper Xbox One May Be Coming In Spring 2019

Microsoft is rumored to release a discless, cheaper Xbox One in 2019. This will not be a next generation console, but will offer a more affordable option for consumers who haven’t invested in the Xbox One ecosystem yet. They will also offer a ‘disc to digital’ option at participating retailers where you can trade in […]

It’s Seems REALLY EASY To Bend A 2018 iPad Pro

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Reggie’s Body Is NOT READY To Give You An N64 Classic

Nintendo’s Reggie-Fils Aime stated that Nintendo had no plans to release a N64 Classic. He said that the NES and SNES classic were seen as a financial stop gap between the Wii U and the Switch, and that the company would rather see you invest in the Nintendo Switch Online service if you wish to […]

iPhone 6 vs HTC One A9 vs Nexus 5X GTA San Andreas Gaming Test (4K)

iPhone 6 vs HTC One A9 vs Nexus 5X GTA San Andreas Gaming Test. Hey Guys I’m back with another video for all tech fans out there. I make daily tech videos to provide you as much tech content as possible. ► Subscribe Now for Daily Dose of Tech ►Follow me On ►INSTAGRAM: […]