6 Simple Exercises to Get Bigger Arms In No Time

Almost every guy wants to look strong and athletic. And if we’re not self-conscious about our abs (or lack thereof!), then it’s our puny little arms that have us looking in the mirror and sighing with disappointment. Wanna beef up them fast? Then you should know how to train correctly. If you want really big […]

6 Quick Exercises to Get Bigger Shoulders

Every man wants to look strong and healthy, have perfect posture, and exude confidence. You can achieve this by building broader, bigger shoulders. And it only takes a month of training either at the gym or at home. The following exercises work all three muscles and can help you get broader, more defined shoulders in […]

4 Secrets to Build More Muscles with Push-Ups

Push-ups are quick, easy, and they can help you build the muscle mass you’ve always dreamed about. This exercise can work on different muscles depending on where you place your hands. However, If you do it regularly but don’t see any results, you are probably getting some basic things wrong. All you have to do […]

Only 3 Exercises to Hit Every Muscle in Your Body

Sometimes a workout can get a bit confusing with all these exercises targeting different groups of muscles. In fact, you don’t need hundreds of different exercises and use every single fancy-looking piece of equipment. Few people know that if you want to build muscles all over your body, it’s enough to know just 3 exercises […]

Body Transformation | Update Week 2

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HEY EVERYONE! I HOPE YOU’RE ALL FEELING GOOD TODAY! 🙂 This is my 50lb transformation. I experienced a lot of body issues growing up, but I am SO happy to say that I’m at a good place now. I hope this inspires you to start your own fitness journey! ►JOIN MY LITTLE FIT FAM:) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Vbz1zT0ssduJGuvXosodA […]

3 Month Body Transformation!

I changed my body drastically in only 3 months, by eating healthy foods and exercising 3-5 times per week, 100% natural. You can achieve so much in only 3 months, who do you want to be in 1 year? Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do! Through dedication & willpower, […]


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Extreme Push Up Madness (Motivation)

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50 lbs Weight Loss 6 Month Transformation FAT TO FIT

I was super unsure about uploading this video, but I want to be able to share with anyone that watches the possibilities of lifting and eating consistently towards their goals. I am no means considering myself an expert here, this is just what I have learned in a year of experimenting, researching, and learning from […]