35 Facts That Prove India is Different from All Other Countries

Hey everyone! Are you a travel lover? Or maybe you just love to learn new things? Then this video is for you! Today, we’re talking about one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a super rich culture and history. Yes, you’re right, it’s India! It is a country where strange and unique things […]

India Crossed all Limits | Headlines 3 PM | 20 April 2019 | Express News

India Crossed all Limits | Headlines 3 PM | 20 April 2019 | Express News All the latest happening in Pakistani Politics, Elections and breaking news at one place. Top Notch program such as To The Point, Kal Tak, Express Expert and Woh Kya Hay are aired on Express News. Subscribe Express News for latest […]

Why Parenting in India Is So Unique

With 25 million babies born each year (compared to 4 million annually in the US), it’s easy to see that India knows a thing or two about parenting. Even the most mischievous of kids avoid punishment here, and there’s a great reason for such an approach. So, how to be good parents according to Indian […]

5 States That Refused to Join India

India only became an independent country on August 15, 1947. It actually used to be a British colony. In fact, the country was ruled by the British Crown for almost 100 years. Most of the states were fine with becoming part of newly born India. But some of them wanted to become part of a […]

11 Strange Things Indian Billionaires Bought Once

Making money is one thing, spending it is another. We often think about all the possibilities of how really rich people can spend their wealth. So what would you do if you had tons of money, get yourself a yacht with a mansion on it and literally sleep on a bed of cash? Hey, if […]