Daniel Lindholm Time Lapse – 2015 Body Transformation

This is a time lapse of my body transformation spanning from Jan 1st 2015 to Sep 4th 2015. I took pictures every morning fresh out of bed before breakfast and I intend to keep doing so for years to come unless I get too bored of it 😛 I bulked last fall but I ate […]

What Your Favorite Music Says About Your Personality

What does your favorite music say about you? Music is a huge part of almost everybody’s life. Your favorite music can make you feel happy, inspired, and, according to psychologists, even reveal deep secrets about your personality! During a study conducted at Heriot-Watt University, more than 36,000 participants were asked to rate different music genres […]

2 Month Bulk to Cut Transformation!! Summer Shred!

hope you guys enjoy this video, it took a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifices. There are lots of days where I couldn’t go out or do this or that, due to my strict diet which only allowed for home cooked food. But I believe it’s all worth it! Please like/subscribe/share, means a lot. Also […]


What’s up, this is a routine you should do to get MASSIVE BACK & BICEPS. You need just a Pull Up Bar and you can go! ► FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ►Instagram – @unitydossk ►Facebook – /UnityDossK ► For Online Personal Training (in English, French, Serbian) ► Contact me : calisthenicswolf@gmail.com Ignore : ————————————————- […]

Fat To Fit | Aamir Khan Body Transformation | Dangal | REACTION!!!

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