29-Year-Old Man's Amazing Body Transformation

http://www.builtlean.com – Busy New Yorker Eric Mandelkern dramatically transformed his body with BuiltLean. Check out the full interview on BuiltLean.com. Transcript: ERIC: Hey, my name’s Eric Mandelkern, about seven months ago, actually today, it was April 29 and it was a Sunday afternoon, and I was watching the Nicks-Celtics in the playoffs. At my urban […]

40 year old real alcoholic 1 year bodybuilding fitness fat to fit transformation natural aesthetics

Watch my transformation as I go from a recovering alcoholic to something most people said I COULDN’T DO from the hospital bed! All I have is today from a 20 year battle with the disease of alcoholism, that whole year could be gone with one drink! Perseverance, inspiration, discipline, and motivation is my story to […]