11 Superpowers You Can Get Right Now

Do you want to have a superpower? What if I told you that you can get a superpower right now? Of course, people still can’t change their size, walk through walls, or teleport, since it contradicts the laws of physics. But there are some other superpowers that are available nowadays for the right price! TIMESTAMPS: […]

What If You Had Superpowers? | Spoiler: It Might Ruin Your Life

The idea of gaining superpowers has always been appealing. Finding a way out of your ordinary boring life and making yourself into something extraordinary is a secret fantasy we’ve all played in our head a least once. But there’s two sides to every coin, and having superpowers isn’t as awesome as you read about in […]

What If Famous Superheroes Got Old One Day?

What will superheroes look like in the future? We admire them for their superpowers and heroic feats but can you imagine what your favorite comics characters will look like years from now? Lesya Guseva is an artist widely known in Russia thanks to her comics about a little lady fox and her cats. But she […]