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Teen was in the fight for her life after vaping a cartridge a day I Nightline

Simah Herman, 18, became an anti-vaping advocate after surviving a severe lung illness that caused her to be placed in a medically induced coma – one of several recent incidents linked to vaping.



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  1. No disrespect but I don't understand teenagers these days and she a beautiful young lady why you want to mess your life up with smoking cigarettes vaping or drugs SMH

  2. The UCLA doctor is severely misinformed. There are NO legal e-liquids that use OIL. The ONLY thing that links these cases is the illegal black market THC cartridges with Vitamin E acetate. Educate yourselves. Educate the public. Read this article:

  3. The girl literally said she told all of her Doctors that she vaped everyday. How come the mother didn’t know this ?? I find it hard to believe she went to the Doctors alone.

  4. They say thc carts and show juul pods

  5. BRUH ITS FUCKING DANK VAPES AND BLACK MARKET CARTS, nobody wants to admit that they have been going ham on them. I know people that go threw 1 a day. This shit is annoying

  6. Bitch please I been vaping since middle school and to this day I still do it and I’m still alive

  7. Nah she been vaping that fake shit

  8. This is Black Market cartridges she's getting off of internet and her friends and she was getting sick off of it there's all these cases in the United States but how come there's not one in Canada because there's nothing like this here over 60% of people in Canada Vape and not one case of a death or sickness I wonder why this is bullshit do not believe the shit you fucking here off of the news she bought Black Market stuff and it killed her lungs if she would have just bought normal juice for a normal vape and not a juul she would have been fine it's your own stupid fault

  9. How about solve the REAL issue, which is how she was able to obtain them illegally in the first place!! People have been vaping for years now with no issues, then all of a sudden a couple teenagers die from FAKE vapes and it’s everyone else’s fault!?! These teenagers r old enough to know right from wrong, so when they made the choice to take on the responsibility of smoking that shit falls on them and no one else. I’m so sick of seeing, well their teenagers so they didn’t know what they were doing. Please!! We trust them to drive cars, but yet when it comes to smoking or other big decisions it turns into well there just kids who didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

  10. She is a child why was she vaping? She looks immature

  11. No one believes that this is just from vaping…..teenagers are abusing something that is intended to save many smokers. This girl is an idiot for using a pod a day.

  12. I thought she got ammonia and they couldn’t pump a lot of air into her because her lungs weren’t as strong as they should’ve been for her age which was a cause from the vaping I feel that this is just a publicity stunt for this young girl vaping is still a safer alternative than smoking don’t get it twisted because of young stupid children

  13. Wow this comment section is full of brain dead people. Weed has never killed anyone no matter the concentration…..

  14. This dumb hoe was vaping fake thc carts

  15. She doesn't crave weed anymore. At least she admitted it

  16. Typical. I dont feel sorry for her. Your lungs were meant for air that's it, not smoke. Dont smoke anything. It's not cool.

  17. Its interesting that one of the people who died were smoking thc pens from dispensarues and I bet it was one of the ones that dont lab test. I been having pains in my body and so habe my brother. I stopped smoking and feel better. She was hospitalized because she was using her moms money to buy so much cartridges that was hurting herm uch faster then others

  18. They don't market it to children! You have to be 18. They have a choice. That's like saying alcohol is a temptation to teens. We all drank in high school….kids smoke pot…… Don't blame the industry. Who sold it to that kid.

  19. Dank is known to have pesticides!

  20. No it's vaping thc!!! Ask her if she had thc. Juuls and thc seem to be issue. I've been vaping since 2011. No issues. I had a collapsed lung when I had a stroke and aneurism. Vaping in the nursing home helped.

  21. It’s not really these kids fault. Peer pressure is a bitch…

  22. Can not listen to this any more made it to 4 minutes and don't believe it was just nicotine vape and how did her mum & dad not know about her habit if it was that bad.

  23. fucking liar, she broke the law and should be in juvi

  24. Fuck that mom. She's needs to blame it on her kid. Not the vaping industry. Fucking bitch needs to be a parent and stop blaming others. Fuck her and her drug head daughter

  25. lies, Vitamin E oil In black market THC cartridges.

  26. Wait a minute maybe this is a good thing. Now all these retarded silent generation kids will stop vaping then we can have our freedom to vape back as adults

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