Friday , February 28 2020
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Tesla stock soars with announcement of new plant location

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino discusses the rise of Tesla stock and the impact of social media. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Trump also praised him as elon is the best we have

  2. Wow, he just couldn't keep his Fox bias out of the analysis. Greta is overblowing the climate change issue. The economy beats out the impeachment issue. What? If a crime has been committed what does the economy have to do with it? What they never mention is the trillions and trillions of dollars Trump has pumped into the economy and thereby blowing up the debt. Where are the tea baggers? Nowhere. You know why? Because this president isn't black – that was their "problem" all along.

  3. I remember a while ago when Musk tweeted that people shorting Tesla will regret it!
    , or something of that Urdu nature. The moral then is to listen to Musk an take him seriously!

  4. " i wish i knew" than why are you being interviewed? ask someone who does know geeez fox you guys are pathetic

  5. Charlie Gasparino is making a Silly argument against Tesla… Based upon his comments, he still believes Tesla is an Automobile company. 🙂 These things are not said by accident. It is all trying to slow Tesla down. He even made comments (2:37>) assuming Tesla owes money, pretending he does not know Tesla made profit last three quarters! … … … these statements are said on purpose trying to "slow Tesla down". … because Tesla success hurts OldAuto and OldEnergy $$. My thoughts… what do I know?

  6. Hey Elon, how bout another plant in USA? Where the majority of your vehicles are sold..

  7. The stock is up because of amazing batteries and the semi and model y people love their model 3's and the solar panels and the fact that Tesla has more orders than they can fill. Making a profit. Cyber Truck is genius and a game changer etc. Gasparino really made an idiot of himself with his ignorance.

  8. Sorry, but Jim Chanos is A TOTAL LOSER! Where has he been since Tesla stock skyrocketed? Hiding – because he is a LOSER !!

  9. Tesla is the only hope of humankind!

  10. Germany factory is old old old news. Embarrassing watching this.

  11. Maan they are so bad, the stock is up not becouse the new factory, what a noobs

  12. TSLA hit $572 per share so far. The market cap is over 100 billion.
    Onwards to $600.
    Edit: $579 at 12:10 UTC 22 Jan. Wow, is there some sort of stock rush? 😁

  13. What are Jim Chanos' recent returns?

  14. RIP short-sellers yesterday

  15. tesla…good luck with that….see this weeks list of failures

  16. the german plant has NOTHING to do with it lol wtf are these guys on? CHina is ahead of schedual and ramping fast and Model Y deliveries start next month. Q1 will be a mega profit quarter for Tesla.

  17. Its not up because of the plant in Germany. That is OLD news. These guys have no clue!

  18. Chanos makes money once in ten years. And he is your definition of a great fund manager?

  19. bottom line?…. could go up…. could go down…. thanks a lot.

  20. Gasparino is an idiot who can’t even listen, because he’s to busy talking crap. Did he not hear his co host give the reason for why Tesla was up today. Not for the so call plant in Germany that might get built. News flash Mr. Gasparino, land was purchased already and will be built. Tesla was up today on a price target upgrade to 800 per share. Also for your information, social media is the only place to get current unbiased news on companies in order to get an honest evaluation of stocks. Not on Fox News, CNBC or the rest of these garbage media outlets. Oh, so you can get it right for tomorrow Mr. Gasparino. Tesla was up after hours today. And will fly tomorrow due to being able to sell Tesla’s direct to the public in Michigan. That is one hell of a win for Musk. Now go stuff your face with linguini and some fine wine. Since I did your work for you. 👍🏻😀

  21. What is this dude talking about? plan to build a Factory is the reason? that was announced way back…

  22. When the recession tanks… dems will get elected…. and green companies will get wins… and Tesla will win….

  23. I don’t see any other company would go anywhere close to Tesla. Tesla’a stock price will soon to be over a $1000.

  24. They were pushing 600 last week. Try again.

  25. Why do these guys sound like they are about to cry?

  26. 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

  27. If there not going to build them in USA take the insensitive away

  28. Might build a plant in Germany??? Look at the Giga Factory that was built in China in less than a year! The Giga Factory in Germany is going to happen, introducing Fud won’t stop it. Good thing the media doesn’t decide if Tesla succeeds or not, it’s people who decide by what we purchase.

  29. Musk is a genius let him run….

  30. Aww…so not sorry for your loss Charles. LOL!

  31. I couldn’t find any different of god

  32. Toyota hybrids are much better option for me

  33. D's making lots of noise today – turn them off!

  34. What does this guy mean you shouldn’t buy a stock because they are making another factory? While all the other car companies are losing market share and shrinking Tesla is expanding and capitalizing on their first mover and technology advantage. Good luck every other car company. It might just be VW, Tesla, and some Chinese car makers in the end

  35. Tesla's new plant location has been known for weeks. What gives, Fox Business? And please, no more jokes about Elon's dancing ability. He can dance circles around the nerds and Trumptards at Fox Business.

  36. Jim Chanos is your idea of a great investor? No wonder you don't know why the stock is rising.

  37. Tesla pig is fattened for slaughter.

  38. Trump is a Belial a self serving self dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  39. It would have been nice if we didn't chase him off with disgusting judgements on his personal choices, attempted to remove him from the head of his companies and in general didn't afford him a fair shot at government contracts. No bid contracts given to zombie companies, foreign investees/ers and republican cronies. Deregulation and tariffs DOES NOT help innovation. By DOING all that This country lost much more than we realize right now.

  40. Globalist Love Govt. Subsides and Selling Out America…

  41. Doesn't Germany have one of the highest electricity rates because of their foolish bet on renewables? I guess they can export them though.

  42. Cavuto is open border operative for obama apparently

  43. StockArmageddon, Shorts Electrocuted!

  44. How about you give us a look at your dance moves when you're put under pressure and made to do so. You asshat.

  45. The new factory location in Germany is old news already. These people don’t know what they’re talking about.


  47. He’s acquiring assets for Mars.

  48. Once I can afford one I'm getting 1

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