Friday , February 28 2020
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Trump at Davos: America is winning again like never before

President Trump addresses the World Economic Forum in Davos and discusses the economic prosperity America is experiencing. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I'm alen Kazemi and American perzident Donald Trump love you so much به عنوان نماینده سازمان ملل و حقوق بشر در ایران و یک هنردوست و حامی اصل حمایت از هنر ویک ایرانی ارادتمندی خودم را به بزرگ ترین ریاست جمهوری جهان وهمچنين بزرگترین مرد شجاع و علاقمند به تکنولوژی و هنر و نویسندگی در جهان اعلام کرده وازین جا کشور ایران پیام دوست دارم را به ایشان ابلاغ میکنم l am alen Kazemi and BBC news@#

  2. Chump seems to live in a parallel universe where lies are the truth. America does NOT have the best drinking water or air quality, that's a godamn lie.

  3. Wow sad all these scholars were , wrong know college loans and healthcare is scary

  4. I see lots of liberal tears here! Can't wait until 2020!

  5. Sincere apologies to the world community…..Let it be known that a majority of Americans are truly ashamed of our disgusting president

  6. He might be drinking his own Kool-aid.

  7. LOL. HEY, Trump. Only 5% of the USA population owns 90% of the USA. This means those of us in the bottom 95% of the USA population, over 300-million USA citizens, are stuck fighting amongst ourselves for a tiny crumb of a tiny slice of the USA.
    Improve THOSE numbers, Trump. THEN you can brag and boast.

  8. We are the envy of the world
    Thank you Mr.president

  9. Good to see a 17 year old Swedish girl with a better command of the English language than the 'leader' of the free world. Lock him up.

  10. If turd could talk like human, this what turd would sound like.

  11. Great job Mr. President Trump ! Standing up for America, and on to an amazing re – election in ' 20 !

  12. Trumps policies make America better. Obama gave money to Terrorists Countries like Iran. Who is the smart one now.

  13. Winning ? How about the homeless people on the streets of us cities

  14. Do you know who is Britain who I chose do you know the realation of me ? Who I pray

  15. Still 23 trillion in debt? Yep. Winning? Nope.

  16. Hawa kura Is any body see the wind We can feel only

  17. What was Obama and Kerry thinking when They flew billions to iran in the middle of the night? I'm sure. It wasn't. A deficie ta y

  18. The trolls are knee high, please raise your pant legs for it is getting deep in here!

  19. how can you claim an anemic 2.3% annual growth rate for 2019 be considered the greatest economy ever …and not to mention..after a massive deficit financed business stimulus tax cut to boot…

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