Tuesday , January 21 2020
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Trump touts economy, low unemployment rates at Economic Club luncheon

President Trump makes remarks on trade and economic policy at The Economic Club of New York luncheon.

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  1. Obama’s first day:
    Dow Jones 7,550.29
    Unemployment 7.6%

    Obama’s last day:
    Dow Jones 19,827.25 ( +163%)
    Unemployment 4.8% (-2.8%)

    If Trumps economy is better than Obama’s after two terms, he needs these numbers on his last day:
    Dow Jones 52,145.66
    Unemployment 2%

  2. President Trump is the best president the United states has ever had period
    President Trump in a landslide in 2020,period
    Economy is flying
    Stock market is at all time high
    Employment is at all time high
    Unemployment is at all time low
    What president Trump has accomplished in three years is incredible
    God bless president Trump and his family and God bless the United states of America

  3. How can anyone with TWO Brain Cells be against this President and Where HE IS Taking US?

  4. You are riding the economic wave that President Barack Obama started for you. He saved us from another depression. An orange orangutan would have gotten the same results to whatPresident Obama started. Oh wait, you are an orange orangutan. Here we go again. Baby Trump taking credit for other peoples work. You have small girly hands.

  5. Oh look, tons of smart people in one room, and one idiot speaking.

  6. Keeps bragging about taking unemployment from 4.7 to 3.7%, a 1% drop. Obama reduced it from 10% to 4.7%, a 5.3% drop, that's over FIVE TIMES better. But Obama didn't brag nearly as much.

  7. All good but the gossip monsters have built a sounds proof wall where the common person cannot here or hypnotized to be deaf.

  8. Tell a lie, repeat it often and it will be believed. Hitlers motto, Trump took a page out of Hitlers playbook. People used to be able to live middle class and be a family on a single income. Now it takes a minimum of 2 incomes and often 3. So people are working 2-3 jobs to cling to the middle class. Is that really any ones idea of prosperity? I call it labor slavery and people are just cheering for it. We need more unions!!!

  9. "For the land of the free and the home of the brave."
    Can I get an AMEN?

  10. Ya ok the Treasury printed out 800 billion in 4 months that is a very weak economy. Trump applauds bailing out banks so he must know the economy is crap.

  11. president trump !!magnanimous !!!! courageous !~!! genius !!! best president in modern usa history !! !!!!

  12. President Trump has got plenty of good jobs for people but we got people to Lazy because the last three presidents only wanted to feed them Welfare

  13. brilliant, because "sense" is brilliant

  14. "…the smart people are clapping." LOL! I just love him!!!

  15. God bless our President Trump

  16. Trump is the greatest President America has ever had

  17. Beautiful talk! Thank you Mr. President! We love you! MAGA/KAG!!

  18. Vote 100% Republican and Vote out the 2 bad fake republicans along the way but get out and vote.

  19. The federal reserve is a non governmental organization run by crooked bankers who answer to nobody but themselves, who only care about their pockets being filled. We need to eliminate the federal reserve and give it back to the Treasury department where it belongs with validation.

  20. God bless President Trump 2020

  21. Impeach this embarrassing liar!

  22. Thank you Mr president Trump..2020 who can do what you have done????Nobody….

  23. John = Trump's shadow. This man was in almost all Trump interviews.
    Anyone know who this reporter is?

  24. Thank you President Donald Trump.

  25. President Trump is doing great, but he need not be a stock market pumper. The market is high, so what, people who are working who continue to invest especially young people do not necessarily want a stock market that is too high. Buy low sell high, too high to buy now.

  26. Trump- THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT. 🇺🇸♥️2020♥️🇺🇸

  27. Mr. President! American 'leaders' were PAID to 'let it happen'. Thank you for the fight against corruption.


    Ohhhhh I’ll take your lunch that you didn’t get a chance to eat MR PRESIDENT!!!!!!😁😁😁

  29. Donald Trump2020 and 2024! Keep America Great!

  30. Meanwhile one in seven American males without higher education is long term unemployed. MAGA! 🙂

  31. maga
    From the most trusted name in news…

  32. the "SMACK DOWN" is coming Horowitz, Barr and Durham then you will see who the Dem's truly are. Trump receives no pay for his office. Has put more money back into the pockets of middle America.

  33. Thank you president TRUMP God bless you. we are so proud of you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  34. So how about the historical 5 point increase in the Dow that Trump predictweeted today?
    (I'm aware that it hasn't yet closed, and like Trump, have no idea what it'll be in A few hours)

  35. President Obama layed out the complete ground work on this! It was already in motion when he left office. Same ole, same ole misrepresentation.

  36. From across the Pond. God help you.

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