Sunday , December 15 2019
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US gov't is attempting to seize private land in Texas for border wall

Reason editor-in-chief Katherine Mangu-Ward shares her insights on the federal government’s attempt to seize private land through eminent domain for the US-Mexico border wall.

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  1. This is why Libertarians are mongs

  2. Build the wall stop complaining…

  3. Brilliance? That guest was a moron.

  4. Only drug lord would want to build a house on the border with Mexico. Katie, are you kidding?

  5. This is not about covering up and obscuring. It is about taking enough land to build the border. We don't have a country without a border. Both of these speakers clearly displayed their political bias in their comments. Another point: many property owners along the border have been there for a long time, but there are also those who bought land in recent years precisely to hold out as long as possible and get a big payoff from the government. In other words, speculators.

  6. Take there the wall..or put up arrows..illegals..enter here..stop by the land owner and have a soda..a piece of pie..and a piece of his wife too..dont forget to say thank you😎

  7. Eminent Domain is immoral and evil. Trump doesn't escape criticism for this.

  8. Americans should feel lucky they live in the U.S.A. because if this situation was in China the land would be seized and the land owner would be evicted with nothing.

  9. The border is important. Screw private land owners. They MUST submit for the sake of us all.

  10. My property has easements for power lines, and roads. What your telling us is the border does not an easement?

  11. Fox news lies again. And Kennedy is nothing mouth than a lying head.

  12. "Attempting"??? This is the way it works. Highways, dams, military sites, etc. Why is this even a story?

  13. No private land owner is going to stop the government from building the wall any more than they could stop the government building a highway.

  14. So when are you going to start singing and dancing?

  15. Kennedy loves covering Fake News.


  17. The govt is BUYING private land it needs to keep millions of invading illegal felons out of our country. Stop your negative slant against the Wall, the citizens support it! FOX News — Phony & Biased.

  18. There's a better solution. If they won't sell, Just wall off the land-owners on the U.S. side of their property, so that they are effectively living on the Mexican side of the barrier… even though their property won't change at all and are still technically on U.S. soil. Many of these land-owners ( not all of them) are probably getting a cut from the Cartels to use their properties for running drugs and human trafficking. Others have probably been threatened with violence if they don't comply with the Cartels.

  19. I could swear I was just watching CNN.

  20. It’s fake news. The wall doesn’t take up much space. A patriot would gladly give up that sliver of land

  21. You know , so what it's about National Security!

  22. you two bitches AND FOX suckS. MAGA

  23. No she is talking about a libetal women who bought land to go against the wall!

  24. Build the wall to bad for Texas land owner they are giving up a small sliver a land to keep America safe.

  25. It's hurting poor people more? Poor people who've bought land somehow over the border, seems like a small percentage of people. And I've been down there. There are VERY few people. And people in Texas, for the most part are petrified by what can come across that border. I was in El Paso and talked to people who hadn't been in Mexico in like five years, because they're right next to Juarez, where people were, at one time, being burned alive in drug-cartel crossfire. Yeah, just a few holes in this fishnet.

  26. The border should be a highway, anyway, so vehicles can patrol it. We need a bidirectional overpass with a pile of rusty scrap metal under it, stretching across the nation. Turn the Mexico side into a national park, require ID to enter or leave.

  27. SOLUTION: Don't build the wall where people have land. Just build where they don't. Eventually those people who own the land will be begging for a remedy to that situation.

  28. BORDER WALL…. how do they own property in mexico? borders have right of way for roads to enforce them….more fake news

  29. They have some lefty’s living on the border do they, TOO F’n BAD for them…

  30. Trump just blocked a bill that would have cut the cost of pharmaceuticals by half. Why? I thought that was one of his campaign promises.

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