Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Video of drunk bus driver in Washington state released l ABC News

Young students can be heard screaming while on the edge of their seats.
READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2mTwyBk

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  1. The fact that those kids were screaming, said it all. I rode the bus all through highschool. Thank God my bus driver was truly wonderful.

  2. So she had a history of DUI but the school district just looked past that? Wtf.

  3. Don’t drink if you can’t control your self .

  4. How did the kids know what alcohol smells like hmmmmmm suspicious

  5. oh shit this happened in my state?

  6. Besides the driver being drunk, I think it's kinda fucked up that a kid knows how a drunk person smells.

  7. I didn't know Takashi rode the school bus still!

  8. Bruh you’re fucking crazy

  9. God damn, just call off work sick.

  10. if my kid was on that bus i would beat the shit out that bitch no joke

  11. Um hello… Washington DC is not quite in Washington state… Yeah…um…duh…🤤

  12. Uhhh… Please tell me she is being charged with Child Endangerment? Anyone?

  13. Putting kids in danger pisses me off

  14. Those poor little kids. What a wench.

  15. this is madness, drunk driving around like a complete ass, poor kids…
    wish the best, can't imagine the vibe here.

  16. How does the bus carry 90 kids wtf

  17. Like a out of control rollercoaster

  18. Oh no a speed bump ! It’s the end of the world

  19. This women deserves to get jail time she put peoples children at risk and had a dui before. If this lady was african american they'd slam the book on her.

  20. I wouldn’t trust anyone with the last name “Macaron”

  21. Arrested. Welp, she deserves it!

  22. Wow, that kid knows his stuff, he seems pretty smart for his age!

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