Monday , October 21 2019
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Walmart suing Tesla over faulty solar panels

Fox Business Briefs: Walmart is suing Elon Musk’s company for gross negligence, breach of contract and failure to meet industry standards.

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  1. Tesla will adapt and overcome. This is what scientists do. I do t appreciate the emotional baiting. Every minimally educated person knows science is trial and error. There is only so much testing that can be done…

  2. I threw in with SolarCity before Tesla bought them out. Very professional install and functions as advertised. Now I'm worried about the long haul, with Tesla running it.

  3. 川普總統副總統.眾參議員是英雄為國際

  4. Sue the bad panel makers. Are the solar panels made of plastic or silicon gel?
    Who are suing next in the pipeline?
    ✂⚔ Tesla😂🤣.

  5. Walmart or Tesla are not good for America.

  6. LOL… Tesla purveyor of garbage… paid for with hefty inputs of your tax dollars!

  7. So Walmart claims Tesla sent "inexperienced techs" who caused the problems. Are they saying that happened in all those different locations? Hmmm…sounds fishy, er, musky to me.

  8. Poor muskrat. Solar panels made in China.

  9. Let me guess, Walfart hired illegal workers to install their solar panels ( saved money. ) 😆

  10. Elon Musk is the IDIOT GENIUS!!

  11. Someone should sue Walmart for the shootings


  13. FOX: Your sound effects are 1.2 times louder than the presenter. Are you high?

  14. Liberals going after liberals !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Max 8 is back. 🤔😨😨😨😨😨. Hell No

  15. This needs a Rocky soundtrack and popcorn. 🎶It's the eye of the tiger..🎶

  16. TESLA = is a turd.

    Musk-mud-catfish sucks the govt teats for his racket for govt a grants.

  17. There is another company called tesla that makes solar panels, they had a salesman come to our house. Are they sure it was elons tesla panels?

  18. Tesla is Bad Producer Not Quality at all 👎

  19. They are probably all located in Southwest. It's been 100 plus for weeks.

  20. It's not the panels it's your unlicensed electricians because no one else has this problem. FOOK WALMART TOO.

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