Thursday , November 21 2019
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'You're Done': Rep. Turner Interrupts Yovanovitch While Answering His Question | NBC News

Rep. Michael Turner, R-Texas, asked former Amb. Marie Yovanovitch about what she believed the ambassador to the E.U. was responsible for, but interrupted her before she could fully respond to his question.
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‘You’re Done’: Rep. Turner Interrupts Yovanovitch While Answering His Question | NBC News


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  1. I hope that we all see by pardoning those service guys Trump is changing the subject off himself

  2. Oh so you ask a question then won't listen to the answer, grandstanding much

  3. He is so like tRump, he asks a question and then cuts of the answer. The GOP is afraid of the Answer.

  4. The tweets by the POTUSA singled-out only women with both misogynistic & xenophobic witness intimidation, accusing them both of being treasonous or unprofessionalism, yet the GOP Senate has simply been grandstanding @ the impeachment hearings & had no substantive rebuttals to actual facts. The POTUSA & Rudy dealt with Russian agents & publicly ridiculed the U.S. Constitution.

  5. Madame Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch I admire your composure and very good answer. Michael Turner was very rude I will be sure not to vote for him.

  6. Yovanovich went to private school Kent then to Princeton…..parents immigrants from Soviet union. Not admitted to USA.
    All of the sudden. They are accepted in USA, Yovanovich goes to private school Kent, then to Princeton… cost thousands of dollars.
    Her first job at age 28 is Foreign service. Former CIA operative was saying, she was working as a CIA appointed ambassador.
    Now is clear, CIA were grooming her, she speaks fluent Russian, CIA paid for her expensive schools.

  7. The GOP is a complete joke. Keep turning blind eyes, go down with the ship.

  8. He is a bully and a coward.

  9. Turner, get some dignity man, you are pathetic.

  10. If women said "not in my time, you're done" to every man that crossed boundaries, humankind would be extinct by now. This is the reason why there are women who deeply hate men. Fxxx Partriarchy! And thanks to all men who see the wrong in Turner's way of behaviour.

  11. Mike Turner was once a good man.

  12. 🇦​🇳​🇴​🇹​🇭​🇪​🇷​ 🐓🍭

  13. The usual plot of a Democrat- answer requires using excess time so less questions can be asked ! ! Sinse Barisma is still in operations and still has involvement in CORRUPTION, obviously Ambassador Yankadic was lax in her duties to the point of needing to be replaced ! ! Who else enjoyed her innocent aging (old maid) spinster look ? ? Can you actually relate to her as a woman? ?

  14. Wow. He's even more despicable when you watch it a second time. Dems, it's simple. Just show this video come election time. He's playing to an audience of one now but this should end his political career. Don't feel sorry for him, he probably tortured the family pets.

  15. What a rude would-be bully. He might have impressed the Orange Oaf but not many others.

  16. Forgot about that part. Once again let The Women Speak, jeesh…..

  17. This guy must have (mommy issues). Democratic or Republican, that is NO way to treat a woman!!!

  18. They LOVE to prove how inept and clueless they REALLY are, don't they? republicans must ALL be brain dead or NOTHING upstairs but sewer sludge

  19. Apparently bozo didn’t want to hear the truth. Very rude like a true trumpeter.

  20. On a day when America celebrates its independence from tyranny, Republicans broke with precedent to meet with a tyrannical regime that tried to undermine American democracy.

    This is not The Onion: Eight members of Congress, all Republicans, spent America's Independence Day in Russia.

    Seven senators — John Kennedy (R-LA), Richard Shelby (R-AL), Steve Daines (R-MT), John Hoeven (R-ND), John Thune (R-SD), Jerry Moran (R-KS), and Ron Johnson (R-WI) — and one House member, Kay Granger (R-TX), are all in Moscow over the Fourth of July holiday this week for talks with Russian lawmakers and officials, according to reporting from the Washington Post, NPR, and investigative reporter Julia Davis.

    Russian lawmaker Vyacheslav Nikonov described the meeting as "one of the easiest ones in my life," and claimed that election meddling was only brought up "in general form" and was resolved quickly.

    Meanwhile, Shelby was even less confrontational than Kennedy. "I’m not here today to accuse Russia of this or that or so forth,” he said during a plenary session at the State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament.

    Republicans also met with Sergey Kislyak — yes, the same Sergey Kislyak who secretly met with numerous members of the Trump campaign, including disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Kislyak is now a member of the upper house of parliament.

    The U.S. intelligence community has been very clear that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential elections in order to help Trump get elected.

    Trump, however, continues to publicly cozy up to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He even insists that we should believe Putin when he says Russia had nothing to do with election meddling.

    And while the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee quietly released a report saying that Trump is wrong, the Republicans "investigating" this issue in the House have loudly backed Trump for months, often using smears and conspiracy theories to do so.

    It's now clearer than ever: the GOP party line is to support Trump no matter what, and to look the other way as Russia actively tries to destroy American democracy.

  21. He keep saying right right. What a first class oxymoron😒

  22. Nunes, on the Trump administration’s military aid to Ukraine:

    “This was a very strong message that Americans are willing to provide more than blankets. This was the Obama administration’s approach.”

    The facts:

    👉 He’s exaggerating.

    While the Obama administration refused to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons in 2014 to fight Russian-backed separatists, it offered a range of other military and security aid — not just “blankets.”

    By March 2015, the Obama administration had provided more than $120 million in security aid for Ukraine and promised $75 million worth of equipment, including counter-mortar radars, night vision devices and medical supplies, according to the Defense Department. The U.S. also pledged 230 Humvee vehicles.

    The U.S. aid offer came after Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 annexed Crimea and provided support for separatists in eastern cities near Russia’s border.

    Ultimately between 2014 and 2016,
    the Obama administration committed 
    more than $600 million in security aid to Ukraine.

    In the last year of the Obama administration, the U.S. established the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which provided U.S. military equipment and training to help defend Ukraine against Russian aggression. From 2016 to 2019, Congress appropriated $850 million for this initiative.

    👉 The Trump administration in 2017 agreed to provide lethal aid to Ukraine, later committing to sell $47 million in Javelin anti-tank missiles.

    John Bolton fought Trump for release of delayed Ukraine military aid. He reportedly pushed Trump to release military aid to Ukraine that the administration withheld.

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