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முகத்தில் உள்ள கரும்புள்ளிகள் போக | Health & Beauty Tips |

மகளிர்க்காக | Health & Beauty Tips | Captain Tv |
| 07.03.2019 |
#HealthTips #BeautyTips


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Captain TV, a standalone Tamil General Entertainment Satellite Television Channel was launched on April 14 2010. Equipped with latest technical Infrastructure to reach the Global Tamil Population A complete entertainment and current affairs channel which emphasison
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Our vision is to be recognized as the world’s leading Tamil Entrainment, News and Current Affairs media network most trusted, reaching people without any barriers.

Our mission is to deliver informative, educative and entertainment content to the world Tamil populations which inspires people through Engaging talented, creative and spirited people. Reaching deeper, broader and closer with our content, platforms and interactions. Rebalancing Tamil Media by representing the diversity and humanity of the world. Being a hope to the voiceless. Achieving outstanding results efficiently.


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  1. Could you mention rose oil brand once again itz not clear

  2. Aftr applying pack we want to wash normally or prefer face washes…

  3. Red colour la பெரிய pimples poka tips sollunga

  4. mam yenna soap , shampoo, powder ,cream is good for face

  5. Bellisa.melacare.hd lite ipdi niraya use pannittaen mam.pigmentation poagavae illa mam.i am very feel about this problem.pls give me suggested best creams .pls mam

  6. Black Marka iraka mam pimples iraka mam athikama irakua mam Enna seiyalam solluga pls madam

  7. Am 32 years old. Now days am getting so many black moles in my face. Kindly suggest how to get rid off it

  8. Ma'am ur beauty tips r superb. .நீங்கள் தொகுத்து வழங்கும் விதம். ….நீங்களும் அழகியே. என்று நிறைவு செய்யும் அழகே தனி…..உங்கள் ரசிகை….

  9. Mam nan skineshine creem uas pannunan eppa vitta face black akuthu mem

  10. mam fairness cream side effects epadi control panrathu mam

  11. Mam neenga kodukum tips super nanga nenga pesaratha keppatharkkave ungal video pappom avalau inimaya pesuvenga

  12. Mam pls tell me to reduce breast size nd tighten breast fast natural remedies way

  13. mam aloesof moisturizer cream continue va facekku use pannalama

  14. Madam, can you please tell me how to take care of kids skin n hair ?

  15. Enaku sivapu pulli athikam varuthu pokuthu mam enna seiyalam solluga mam

  16. How to remove kum kum strain in forehead

  17. simple remedy sollunga madam.

  18. mam en face people vanthu pallama iruku kuli kuliya iruku athuku tips

  19. Mam irregular periods ku remedy solunga mam

  20. Mam, can we go out in the sun after washing Tq

  21. Please tell where we get red sandal powder and what kind of milk powder we can buy please reply mam thank you

  22. Red sandlewood powder enga kidaikum madam

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