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💥 आलसी 🔶 लोगों के लिए वजन घटाने के तरीके I Weight Loss Tips for Lazy (Quick Hacks)

In this video, I tell you why are you not motivated to lose weight. These are some quick hacks that will bring your health and fitness to the next level.

🙋 I am Palak Midha – Nutrition Expert and Supplement Advisor.

✌⛑ I help people who want to lose weight and also advise people on how to manage symptoms of diseases like Thyroid, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Heart Problems.

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  1. Thanku for share ur useful knowledge with us..

  2. hello sister hw are u…..I ask u a question dr if don't have money to go gym what to do sister… pls suggest me sis hw will I loose weight loss

  3. Mam, i was not able to find spiruluna powder or tables in palaknotes amazon section. Pls bring asap.
    Love you. From mumbai

  4. Excellent palak…God bless you

  5. Spirulina medicine hypothyroidism log le sakte hai kya mam

  6. Palak you are from which side of India

  7. What is the vegetarian supplements of omega 3

  8. Hi…can people having thyroid problem can take spirulina tables

  9. vry informative video 😘thank you so much dee😍

  10. Mam…regards.
    What is procedure to consult you…
    Pls guide
    Thanks and regards

  11. Thanks for the details mam bahut hee achaa lagta hai जब aab bataati hein

  12. Hello ma’am, can my 15 yr old daughter take Spirulina tab? Pls suggest 🙏🏻

  13. Smart h aap I new subscriber apki adao par mein fida ho gyi mam… wt loose karna h but bhook bardasht nhi hoti mujhse

  14. ur way of talk and content are quite different
    I really like ur videos

  15. I just started following your youtube videos really very enriching,interesting and back up with research work.Tks from Mauritius.

  16. Mam spirulina ek khana hey or 2 khana hey puri din mey….

  17. Mey ek larki hu didi par mey apki bohot bari fan hu. I love you didi 😘😘😘😘

  18. india inda krti hain appp too baki na dekhain apko ya like follow nahi karinn ????

  19. what shd b the dosage of 1000 mg fish oil caps , if doing regular workouts then???plz suggest

  20. hello maam ur videos r very informative . maam i want to ask that i go to gym in morning on empty stomach .i m having almonds n black coffee .if i want to do interrmittent fasting .what shd b my fasting n eating window? ?. what shd i eat after coming from gym .My workout r hiit ..Age 38 .ht 5.5 .. weight .73 kgs .history is pcos , but no cyst n medication at present..i just want to increase my mass n loose weight..plz kindly suggest my calorie intake .i gym thrice a week .Thank you soooooo much .God bless you .

  21. Hello mem thanks a lot very motivational vedio

  22. Itne ache channel ko itne dislike kyun

  23. Spiruleena ka link share kare please

  24. Hi Palak dear
    Stockton England mein flue virus se relieve ?
    Because my. Nephew exams near but flue
    Any recipe God bless u

  25. I heard spirulina is not good for hypothyroidism. Is it true? If not then when n how I can take spirulina with my thyroxine tablet which m taking from last 12years. Please reply

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