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1 person from Kennedy compound transported to hospital

The call came in a little after 2:30 p.m. to the Hyannis Fire Department and the person was taken to Cape Cod Hospital.




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  1. I will always keep praying for Gods protection around this family I hope nothing else happens my prayers go out to them what a tragedy xo

  2. With having depression it's a terrible fight to stay in connection with oneself. Many people take their life because many don't want to seek help or speak about how they're feeling. Many people commit suicide due to depression, but there's always help. There's suicide hotlines, or seek out a Psychiatrist. Sorry, but death is never an option if you open up to a professional.

  3. Gorgeous young lady smart her last year at boston college and 💉 kill her 😢 rip 🌹

  4. I don't believe in superstitious things but this family really makes me think otherwise!

  5. Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter dies at family compound in Massachusetts
    A 22-year-old granddaughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy died on Thursday following an apparent overdose at the family’s compound

  6. My prayers heart and mind are with this entire Family. . .

  7. How much better would this world be had JFK lived?

  8. Guys I just found out what happened, turns out Robert Kennedy’s, granddaughter 22 year old Saoirse died from an overdose

  9. no shortage of way to soon deaths for this storied American family…

  10. Maybe the house has a curse always wondered Kennedy survived; the world have changed still to this day the assassination of John f Kennedy will always be a dark past in history very sad one

  11. Only thing worse than a date with a kennady is having one drive you home

  12. Chile it’s some Kennedy’s still alive 😬

  13. Can't wait to get home to my COMPOUND…

  14. Odd they used the term compound.

  15. 💊💉💊💉☠️⚰️😂

  16. Why do you call it a compound ?
    Why not a house ?

  17. Something creepy about the Kennedy. It’s so many dark things surrounding this family. Did you heard or read about all the Kennedy tragedies regarding their death? Even their death are so suspicious haunting.

  18. The niece or granddaughter overdosed

  19. Well that's what happens when you deal with drugs. Can't feel sorry for that

  20. Why wouldn’t they say who died? Weird. The family has been plaqued by tragedy.

  21. Why do they call it a compound and not mansion?

  22. and again it really feels awkward liking videos, like this… can YouTube add a heart option for OG's like ABC

  23. Too bad I don't give a fuck about the "Kennedy Compound". Fuck the Kennedy family.

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