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10 BASIC ETIQUETTE RULES TO FOLLOW EVERY DAY // Fashion Mumblr Finishing School!

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  1. This is absolutely needed!🤗💖 Many people lack basic social graces such as these and fail to teach their children as well. Beautiful!
    Thank you Josie.😊

  2. Good manners cost nothing and I do not understand people who are rude. I find people in villages are more friendly in towns and have really noticed this when out walking during COVID. I think your series will be useful as it is a reminder of how we should conduct our selve. Thanks Josie for another inspiring video

  3. Always told to have good manners growing up. Writing thank you card,s good table manners was big with my mother.

  4. In my opinion, it is always fashionable to be kind and proper. Looking forward to these etiquette videos.

  5. yes travel etiquette would be awesome x

  6. Josie, I certainly agree with you manners cost nothing,a smile helps to.

  7. No not old fashioned just basic good manners Josie and sadly lacking these days. Such a good video and, as you say, such little things but they make a world of difference.🥰💜

  8. Great video, I love this initiative! Have you heard of Myka Meier and her finishing school she runs out of The Plaza Hotel in NYC? She's written a couple of great, accessible and relevant etiquette books that you may enjoy! xx

  9. This is so great! I have such a hard time remembering names 🙈

  10. Thank you Josie! A very needed reminder about some basics are and indeed if I dare say what normal is, especially for a girl, who has been living in Sweden for far too long 😔 I am looking forward to your upcoming mini series on the topic. T🥰

  11. I really like this video and I think a series on etiquette will be lovely to watch. I liked the points you made about not shouting in different rooms and treating people with grace when they have been rude to you and I shall start practicing in my every day life. I will look forward to seeing other videos in this series, really lovely idea.

  12. When I sneeze, please ignore me. I don't need attention on me for that And then I'm worried as I may sneeze again. I sneeze in threes. Are they going to keep calling attention to me? Please don't. I'm fine.

  13. Great video as manners always need to be reviewed!!

  14. This is great. How many times have we been involved in conversations where the other person asks nothing. I loved this.

  15. Would love for you to meet more etiquette videos! I probably would never say how do you do but more probably how are you? Which is probably more personal but can easily be answered with enjoying the day tec.

  16. I didn't know I needed this in my life until you made it! Loveeee this idea of yours, thank you for creating and sharing ☺️

  17. Love your videos are such a beautiful person 💝Sending you well wishes xx

  18. Eye contact is probably my #1 tip. I give eye contact when someone is speaking to me. I would like that same attention in return. If Im speaking, especially one on one and that persons attention is elsewhere, I actually stop talking.

  19. Very good video content Josie. Thank you for sharing. Two points that would be great if you are planning to go in more detail. 1. Table manners 2. Active listening. Your points on listening is something I cover in coaching skills under the heading of active listening, which is so interesting, which also links to questioning skills, body language, etc. I think these skills need to be explored in the digital world.

  20. Hello. I know it’s not etiquette based but would you consider doing a video on manifesting? You have touched on this before and Freddy mentioned you discussed this topic with her on her target numbers of subscribers. Would love to know your techniques and think lots of individuals would find this engaging. Many thanks

  21. Josie, Thank you, God Bless you, loved this I agree 1,000%. That's how I like to live my life as well

  22. I thought this video was going to be boring, but I totally agree with you, if more people took this on board the world would be a better place to live in. 😊

  23. Josie, what if someone is trying to find you in your house by calling your name and you stay quiet and don't answer them? That person will have to check every room to find you like hide and seek…….

  24. Thank you for this. On so many levels, this is needed at this time.

  25. Thank you. It is also interesting for Germans ….
    Shouting from room to room … I know this very well from my parents. In these cases, my mother is always "hard of hearing".
    My father never uses my name in a conversation with me. He also has a problem with greeting, saying "thank you" etc. He avoids showing me respect, because I am "only" his "child".

  26. About the ‘bless you’, I think it’s up to the person who sneezed or coughed to say excuse me! It came out of your body, why would I say it lol. I think it’s rude when people don’t say excuse me after their own bodily functions.

  27. And finally, a little poem I read this morning, which seems pretty apt…

    It was only a sunny smile,
    And little it cost in the giving,
    But like morning light
    It scattered the night
    And made the day worth living.

    F Scott Fitzgerald

  28. Fun and a great reminder for us all! We do also need to remember when wearing masks that our facial expressions are much more difficult to interpret, so remembering to say hello, please, thank you etc is even more important.
    I must admit, I do usually call out "thank you" to people who don't hold doors open for me. Not much grace there, but I don't think that will stop me 😁

    Your hair looks really great in this video! All you lockdown practice is really paying off 👏👏👏

  29. Not holding a door is actually not the worst. I once have met a guy who shut every single door though I was right behind him. Crazy!! lol

  30. I've been on dates where when the guy is picking me up, and when he texts me and says he's here I tell him " oh I don't see you?' they usually reply with where they are ( the street or driveway) and then I ask them to pick me up at the door. And if they decline then it was a very short date, although that has only happened twice.

  31. Love it Josie! I’d like to see forgotten etiquette that it would be good to bring back, or even lovely etiquette which we don’t have use for anymore, as like a research historical video (e.g. removing hats when entering a house or doffing a hat – because hats are less common nowadays!)

  32. Not quite sure why this video brought me so much joy. But you exude the most positive energy! Love starting my day with your videos! 🙂

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