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10 SHOPPING HACKS // How To Shop The Summer Sales // Fashion Mumblr AD

10 SHOPPING HACKS // How To Shop The Summer Sales
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Pearl White Top –
Ruffle Sleeve Top –
Daisy White Dress –
Studded Bow Detail Sandals (shown worn with white dress) –
Pink coat dress –

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Headband worn throughout :

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  1. I have beautiful bag from Ted Baker and over time the cheap metal ruined whole bag for me….. so I wouldn't call Ted Baker good quality in any time. Not for the price that I'm paying

  2. Omg! That coat dress is stunning! Perfect for you, too!

  3. 🌟💥🌟🌟💥🌟🌟💥🌟🌟

  4. Great tips!👍🏽 Love your channel and like the previous comment..,you are a busy lady! I wish I had all of your energy !

  5. I love your vlogs Josie thank you for the tips you have inspired me so much.

  6. thank you for the helpful tips. Ted Baker clothes are timeless You look so elegant in wearing them . Have a lovely day ( Judy)

  7. Once again, you’ve hit the ball out of the park! Excellent video, well planned, fantastic and useful tips and relevant content we ladies love!!! Thank you Josie for all your hard work – your tips not only have saved me time but money as well. Keep up the good work. Look forward to your next video regarding designer sales 👗👜👠💋💕😉👍🏻

  8. Love the changing room tip

  9. Always love your videos, you give the Best tips. Thank you ♡

  10. I agree with trail room left over dress

  11. I am in love with the coat dress 😍❣️

  12. Sorry i'm late! Amazing video these help a lot. Thanks for the video Josie!

  13. I loved everything Josie. Thank you.

  14. What happened to your last video? It’s gone!
    Thanks for the tips and I agree!

  15. Love your idea of buying pieces that move into fall. Very smart!

  16. Oh! The coat dress on you!!!!!! ELEGANT. Timeless. Beautiful. Just really, really lovely.

  17. Josie… don't you ever get overwhelmed by having too big of a wardrobe? HOW/WHERE do you store everything? Do you return a lot of what you buy? I sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of clothing you bring IN (!) … and I'd love to see more of the GOING OUT process. (I've only seen one 'purge' video from you). As I am right in the middle of a massive purge myself (not clothes as I do that often, but rather… all the things I've collected over a lifetime), I would love to hear more of THAT end of things. (I love your channel and I talk about you quite a bit to friends and people I meet!)

  18. I’m a guy and I do kind of your thing in reverse where I love the men’s clothes of ted baker and sometimes look at the womenswear just to admire the craftsmanship and the patterns of it. Which is a quirky detail I love in the men’s clothes, even my suitcase has lining with eagles on it and I’ve had a waistcoat from there for about a decade with this gorgeous old pattern. Incidentally I snagged myself some mother of pearl cuff links in the sale that I wanted for a long time. I just think it’ll give a little bit of luxury intrigue to something even as basic as a white shirt black tie situation

  19. 💘 Love your videos and still loving that Prada pink basket tote! It looks lovely with your new 👗 dresses!

  20. Love this video….. Specially the tip of shopping alone. I notice when I take my kids and husband along, I always end up picking wrong stuff or sizes.

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