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What I’m Wearing:

White Ruffle Dress – http://bit.ly/2xiuSTv
Pearl Earrings – http://bit.ly/2IV3dgN
Pearl Necklace – http://bit.ly/2FGDBn8
Lipstick – http://bit.ly/2YrL0OE

Items Mentioned:

River Island Dress – http://bit.ly/2xmhuhk
Reiss Dress – http://bit.ly/2I1ge8f
Topshop Broderie Dress – http://bit.ly/2ZEjxt1

Loewe Basket Bag – http://bit.ly/2KNDoTs
Circle Straw Bag – http://bit.ly/2Y95Kup
LK Bennett Straw Bag – https://bit.ly/2FIoyt3
Topshop Shell Bag – http://bit.ly/2FHyinv
KAYU Floral Straw Bag – http://bit.ly/3024lX1

Tan Mules – https://bit.ly/2IZ5YPC
Chloe C Mules – http://bit.ly/2JJELB4

Topshop White Shirt – http://bit.ly/2FGYX3z

Anna Louise Mint Dress – https://bit.ly/2Nmw6rQ
Reiss Floral Dress – http://bit.ly/2RSE7U5
Ted Baker Floral Dress – http://bit.ly/2ZzIaXELove Shack Fancy Dress – http://bit.ly/2vfvUON

Straw Ring Hat – http://bit.ly/320l26P
Shell Hat – http://bit.ly/2KMqOnj
Raw Edge Hat – http://bit.ly/2FGUwGh
ASOS Huge Hat – http://bit.ly/2FGV8M5

SPF 30 Scalp Spray – http://bit.ly/2FGs47j

Lace Beach Dress – http://bit.ly/2FjaG8A

Topshop Shorts – http://bit.ly/2Y1Anlf
Faithful Swimsuit – http://bit.ly/2ZFXmTm
Zimmerman Shorts – http://bit.ly/2La70vd

Burgundy Strap Sandals – http://bit.ly/2KyZMzw
White Strap Sandals – http://bit.ly/2WqaYzZ

H&M Love Stories Swim – http://bit.ly/2X4eJzJ
Faithful Swimsuit – http://bit.ly/2ZFXmTm

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  1. Hi Josie, I decide to be more sofisticated and elevate my style I'm so in love with your style so Simple, chic and beautiful. I'm going to start builting my wordrobe from scratch and I'm binging watching your videos. Any tip or advice please??😘😘😅

  2. Hi Josie. May I know the size of your mint dress from Anne Louise Boutique? Just for reference. Thank you.

  3. Josie, that #greendress so so lovely! I think it’s prettier than even the blues on you. I think because your channel is so put together flirty and bright maybe you should do a series where you do “colors only”. They really do look amazing on you and breaks up your regular content a bit.

  4. Everything you wear always looks great in you. You should become a stylist to! Anyway love you & your videos as always!💋

  5. Have you ever thought about doing a video on ethical clothing brands?

  6. Josie , please tell me where I can get that Zara cut work beach cover up as I've been searching and searching and cannot find it. TIA oxoxo

  7. I am totallt in love with the white zara beach cover up but can't find it anywhere!!! Love your style!! oxo

  8. Yay! Summer is here and you’re on top of the styles! Fantastic video and SO helpful – love all your
    suggestions 👜👠👗

  9. love from Poland , loves yours hats 🙂

  10. And no to worry Josie, you are not copying Instagrammers, that bow around neck and letting the hat hang or while wearing it, has existed forever, the style was very big in the 1800s 🌞

  11. Hello Josie! Cute items😍Agree with you about all of these for Summer. The Zimmermann dress looks lovely 🌞… I'd say the KAYU straw bag is only statement – beautiful, but besides the things falling out of it, there is also sand that will get everywhere if you take it to the beach 😆

  12. I recently discovered that you can still get sunburnt through your clothes and that a white cotton t-shirt for example only gives you around an spf 15 protection! Thought I'd give you heads up to let you know its really important to wear SPF even on areas covered by clothing as I would hate for you to get burnt and get sun/skin damage xxx

  13. hey Josie what size do you normally get in Zimmermann?

  14. OMG I LOVED everything you picked for this video. Such classic elegant taste. Those white dresses and the Loewe bag, are all my dream pieces….🤗🇨🇦

  15. I absolutely love your style, Josie, but it's your personality that keeps me coming back!!!! 😀

  16. I'm "sweet" on the alluring Mint color dress also! I truly enjoyed the "Head to Toe" complete outfit Looks so that shoes & hats could be included as well! You are well on your way to becoming a most engaging and noted Fashion reporter- Thank-you!

  17. I love your Zimmerman dress! Now I understand why you like Zimmerman's!!

  18. I love your videos but please make a video with more affordable dresses

  19. I love the round woven purse! It looks so organic & eco smart accessory for summer and it just screams beach! 🏝🥰

  20. Hi Josie, I wanted to drop off a video suggestion that I would appreciate you making for us- your Trouser Collection video. I absolutely adore your brown, beige, khaki, pinkish shades of tight trousers (not jeans, not quirky material ones, just regular skinny trousers). I am referring to the ones you usually wear in spring or autumn and you style them with cashmere light knits; the ones you style for more smart work and meetings occasions (maybe sometimes for casual wear as well). I want to know where you find such versatile trousers.

    Another suggestion, would you consider starting to mention the sizes you get of the clothing as this helps us viewers to compare and order the correct sizes for ourselves. You don’t have to do it for all garments from the same store, maybe ever now and then from each different store.

    I would love a reply!! 😄😄

  21. You make me laugh when you say "hot and bothered" in US that means ready for sex!! Lol

  22. Dear Josie! The dress you're wearing is beautiful and looks great on you. This year I bought 3 white dresses and I always thought they did not look good on me … but for your opinion, I bet on buying and I do not think it looks bad. ,, Two were your suggestions / reiss. as for the straw hat I always have to wear on weekends and holidays, I just can not take it to work, because I already had a serious problem with my skin … and I never thought it could happen to me … I'm blonde and white … Thanks! kiss❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌

  23. Oh that mint green dress is so pretty! And the Zimmerman shorts!

  24. I love the big fringe hat you are wearing at the end–which brand is it? thanks 🙂

  25. Hi Josie! Can you please link the name of the instagrammer that you mentioned while talking about your big straw hat? I love your style, so I’m sure that I will also love anyone that you recommend ☺️ greetings from Italy

  26. Really loved all the white dresses you chose, Josie ! And I bought the River Island one, it is absolutely gorgeous, and so pleasant to wear here in Paris where it has been so hot these days ! Thanks for the advice 😊
    Absolutely love the Loewe straw bag, but I definitely find it too expensive for such a piece 😢

  27. Hi, you gorgeous lady! I loved your video as always! I like all of the items and I have some of the trends you mentioned. I also wear a lot of dresses in the summer, either it's white or floral (I love floral details and I have so many of them) or both. I am styling them with my shell earrings, my black or white sandals and my straw hat (I told you that I have so many options). I also just received a beautiful straw bag with shells on it from H&M. I love it and I use so much. I really don't like going to the beach because I hate the heat. So not my things the swimsuits and cover dresses.

    As you mentioned Wimbledon so much, can you do a video for how to style during this event? This is my favorite tournament and I love this classy sport (my favorite one, actually). Do you have a favorite to win? Just curios.

    Have a lovely week.

  28. You have your unique style! You inspired to make video about my essentials! Thank you for great feed!

  29. Great summer collection Josie, its lovely exploring new colours that look great on you like that gorgeous mint dress! Are you a Zimmerman ambassador by any chance? I got to know the brand from your mentions, they look pretty on you! I love how you curled your hair, reminds me a little of old Hollywood glamour <3

  30. Very nice Enjoy your Summer Darling !!!?***❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Thank you…. I enjoyed all the summer trends featured on this video!

  32. why not the brown leather front of your Loewe bag?

  33. why not the brown leather front of your Loewe bag?

  34. I'm struggling so much to find formal clothes to wear to work without ROASTING. All my summer wardrobe is beach appropriate (I live in Valencia, Spain), but when it comes to work wear… Anyone else have this problem? HELP

  35. You think about packaging and environment, but still buy a LEATHER? WTF?!!? Don't you know any good alternatives?! Don't be accelerator for ANIMAL KILLING and torturing!!!

  36. I just posted my first fashion video! I would love for you to check it out if you have time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1oliPrpQHA&t=5s 💕xo

  37. Love all the white dresses and the minty green dress. It looks lovely on you. Perhaps you can do more colors in your next haul. It will be interesting to see different colors of clothes too 😊

  38. So loving the mint green dress Josie .

  39. Josie Girl!!!! I am an all black everything Chitown girl but you are making me fall in love with white and floral dresses for summer.

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