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10 SUMMER FASHION TRENDS // Fashion Mumblr

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Dress I’m Wearing :
Necklace :


Loewe Basket Bag :
ASOS Basket Bag :
Topshop Wicker Bag :
Prada Basket Bag :
Stories Prairie Dress :
Barely There Topshop Sandal :
White Topshop Dress :
Reiss White Dress :
Boater Hat :
Stories Puff Sleeve Top :
H&M Wallpaper Dress –
Tory Burch Blue Dress :
SIMILAR from Mango :
Yellow Print Belted Dress :
Yellow Broderie Dress :
Shell Necklace : OR
Pearl Headband :
Jacquemous Fringe Bag :
Mango Dupe :

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  1. Can you re-link your reusable coffee cups?

  2. Hello, Josie, this hat is amazing. I want similar, but I have a question, does it hold on the head even without the strap under the chin? Thank you! You are so inspiring!

  3. Hello! I've been following your videos for awhile on my husband's Playstation, and love your great taste in fashion, accessories too! You have a great eye for spotting trends. Just to let you know I'm ordering that yellow Topshop broderie dress through your link, saw it before your video came out and seeing your review made it easier to decide! Thanks so much and keep it up, I love that besides neutrals you also cover colours, and different price points in your fashion (not all expensive stuff some of us can't afford!). ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Great video!! I love theses kinds of videos you do!! It helps keep me be informed of what's in for the season we are in and I love that and it is really helpful!! I've been really loving wearing yellow a lot this summer!! It's nice and bright and I love wearing bright colors!! I love your dress and necklace you are wearing in this video!! You look so pretty!! 😊👍

  5. Beautifully executed. Thank you 💐

  6. Kur eisim zemuogiu ieskoti viskas remesia i romantika grazu 😍❤💞👍👍

  7. Pridek skribelaite baisiai pavojinga saule😊Taip grazus stilius labai patinka o vienodos mintis ir pridejei skribele grazu😍❤💞👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Aciu patinka.Taip super.

  8. Use TYSONT644722020 to get 20% off your @halifornia.apparel

  9. I went out and bought that "wallpaper print" dress from H&M because of you! Thanks! Also the end of the video 😂

  10. Heard that before about heels; 'very comfortable and easy to walk in', then rip them off of your feet as soon as you get home.

  11. You are letting loose girl and it's great to see! Keep up the great work👍💕

  12. Don't love that headband. Looks strange.

  13. great trend tips…but i honestly loved seeing some of your beautiful personality in the last clip!! it was fun and just so real! Keep them up!

  14. Love these trends. Thanks for the video Josie!

  15. I like your pick of trends. I made the video about summer trends but in more fast fashion modern items mentioned, I like that you give more stable and classy trends that will live years. Be my guest!

  16. Sooo informative and well put! 🙌🏻

  17. Loewe basket bags are specially well crafted as they're handmade by Galician antisans. Yeah, they could be a little pricey for a basket bag but I tell you, they'll last forever!

  18. Yes the print is "toile du jour," I used to have it on my bedroom wall in lilac and white! Some the headbands can look ok, but they are a bit OTT. A lot of the trends that are out now are very 90's.

  19. Thinking about Conscious Couture, one of my favorite songs is 'Are My Hands Clean?' by 'Sweet Honey In the Rock

  20. Hi, I live in Mexico city here spring are rainy and I dont know what to wear. Love your style. You are my queen. Love

  21. I like flowy dresses light colors and bunch of patterns! This is by far most beautiful summer trend!

  22. You have a pregnancy glow are you expecting?💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  23. Why i don’t have a friend like you???!!
    I absolutly love your work 👏👏🥰🥰 kisses from Portugal 🇵🇹

  24. Hello Josie a very nice video as the clothes etc look great on you and you have an amazing level of knowledge when it comes to clothes and accessories and love that bit at the end where you’re dancing showing some sexy moves so take care and cheerio

  25. Josie, I think you meant buying into a trend, not investing into it right?

  26. fast furniture is the latest thing, chipboard with unethical sourcing practices e.g. Ikea's been connected to poaching in ancient European protected forests

  27. Love❤️everything except d headband😬✌️🤗😘you’re always lookin classy on whatever you wear Josie❤️💯

  28. There are lots of natural fibre bags with leather trim and they have been around for decades. I have two….try markets both here and in Europe …Loewe is charging ridiculous prices for its name.

  29. Love the video!! ❤️ What were the sunglasses you wore in the “Vintage Vacay” look?

  30. Josie, I look forward to your videos. Your so inspiring and loving. Funny ending.

  31. Safari is something I've seen a lot of too. The animal prints and the explorer style playsuits and colours.

  32. Do not invest in the Loewe bag, save your money.

  33. That is a ghastly dress you have on. Very Laura Ashley circa 1980s.

  34. Josie, I have to say something… I watched your video with the Zimmerman dupes and loved it, as I do all your videos. Then you suddenly removed it, saying it needed editing because you left some raw footage in, but I didn't notice that at all watching it so it seemed like an excuse… That was quite confusing. Then you told subscribers you were gonna put it up again once edited. A day later you got trolled by someone saying you and your mother scammed people with the dresses in the video (I have no idea where this comes from or whether it is true or not). And finally you decided to not post the video again on your channel without any further explanation. What the hell is going on? I am a big fan of yours, and I genuinely like you. But this all seemed a bit strange and now I feel confused and a bit lied to (if that makes sense)? I am willing to believe that you did nothing wrong here, but you go on and on about transparacy and I don't think you handled this well. I will keep watching and loving your videos, this is no hate towards you. Just saying that you might think twice in the future because I don't think this served your brand well..

  35. I bought the Safari Blue and White dress Today😍 couldent help myself! Had to!

  36. Absolutely adore the dress you are wearing throughout this video, the necklace is lovely too & really compliment your gorgeous tan, the end of the video was fun to watch 💝😁🧡😍

  37. "Toile" (t-wall) is a term one would be familiar with if they are into textiles/fabrics fashion & interior design… Which I am & so are quite a few of your viewership… I'm glad we've addressed this point… We want our girl to be at the top of her game😘💖… P.S. Thx for the Elemis gift box

  38. I can get on board with almost everything except the giant headbands…that's just not feminine IMO.

  39. Thank you ..I was looking for this summer trends

  40. My favorite part of this video is the end with you making the faces and dancing in the hat. 😁

  41. I don’t know why you had to make this video political – If you are feeling uncertain that is your problem. Don’t be part of the media lies. I wanted to see fashion not politics. Unfollowing now

  42. Iam sad because todas we dont have a vídeo from fashiom Mumbir 😂❤️

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