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10 SUMMER TRENDS THAT ARE OVER! & What To Wear Instead // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. Definitely prefer your normal set up……so agree with you classy look is always better than mad trends.

  2. I really appreciate you bringing back the classic and more sleek fashion options. I love the polished look.

  3. I've been thinking lately that fashion has really taken a very bad turn, with all the grandad sandals and dirty shoes and ridiculously tiny handbags. It is comforting to see that people effectively and massively reject those trends, albeit being flooded by the fashion industry!!

  4. Regarding the quality of your video, the images are fuzzy, particularly at the beginning of the video, leading me to believe that when the Sun was shining more brightly, it was causing a lack of sharpness and contrasts that were washing out the details. Near the end, it was significantly better. Actually did like the softness of the lighting but not being able to see the detail does go contrary to the point of enjoying the visuals of most of your videos.

  5. I'm sorry, but I really don't like the new setup. The picture is not sharp at all and the sound is like coming through a thin metal membrane, a little shrill. It doesn't sound and look as natural as before. I loved the old setup! 🙂 <3

  6. Excuse me but the 80 year old hippies in Berkeley, California are offended!! (just kidding of course but they are all still wearing their tie-dye)

  7. I really like your video. Thanks

  8. tie dye never died and neither a new trend or even a trend 🙂 its just a piece of culture a large group of people continue to live with and for just as u with a straw items:) parallel worlds. same as white color is actually very unpractical:) and requires to use lots of energy for everydays wash thats harmful for our earth:) but its a very good video and lots of good ideas r brought here. let let people live their lives and enjoy everyth they want to wear and be free from judgement. we forgot tattoos:) when in the world that will be out of fashion??:)

  9. Thanks for trying out different setup. Glad your hair/head is all in the frame. But prefer the old sound and lighting.Keep up the good work.

  10. This is a more professional sound and quality and I really like it 🤩🤩🤩

  11. Who invented style and fashion? And why must one need advice? Wear clothing to protect you from the sun, heat, cold and dress appropriate for the occasion. Too much buying and styling and profiting from telling others what to wear. The jumper you are wearing is acrylic and polymide— which is plastic———

  12. Oh my goodness – yesterday I saw someone who was wearing slides, and they were neon colored, and they were see-through plastic. I never imagined someone could nail all three "it's over" trends in one!

  13. Fashion is just that, it's something to have fun with and is very subjective. I think this series would come across better if you came at it from a different angle, less likely to offend. I absolutely love wearing a pretty dress and what you would call "dad sandals", Birkenstocks for me, I enjoy the juxtaposition.

  14. Sound is so much better. There is also a change in the picture.

  15. This video was not as clear visually. I like the old system better. Good info thanks

  16. Great video! I don’t think tie dye is quite put because there are so many varieties in tie dye and they can be quite subtle and a good look in my opinion!

  17. Bad sound and clarity bad. In 1080 total blurry. 🙁

  18. I agree with you Josie, I’m not a fan of those trends.

  19. Hi Josie…think I prefer the old style videos…but loved this anyway ….neon is for scuba divers!!but
    Really is that micro bag serious?…..never do me!!lol x

  20. Yes you are right, but can you suggest also stuff with less money…. like 10 or 5 pounds??

  21. Hi I really like your videos! You say fast fashion is over but you have another video of a ZARA haul! I thought that ZARA was the inventor of fast fashion 😱

  22. That Prada bag is to die for !!!😭😭😭 I wish I had that money to buy a bag. 💕😭

  23. it's better to invest in classic stylish pieces that reflect your personality, than unpractical cringy trends.✨

  24. The video image aharpena at 13:00..maybe it was all of focus before sobit appeared blurry

  25. I prefer your old setup, the visuals look blurry in this video.. Great content though, I absolutly adore you! 🌹

  26. I prefer your old set-up, you look so much sharper before. Now it looks like a low quality video.
    Love your content! Keep it up!

  27. Hello from Qatar🇶🇦! I have given up on my make up tutorials binge watching to just watching your videos and actually looking forward for it. Your current set up makes you look washed out but I still like you😘

  28. some people can only afford fast fashion? not everyone has the budget to shop at the ‘premium’ and ‘better’ shops u recommend x

  29. Thank God the cycling shorts trend is over! Literally the ugliest trend I’ve seen in a while…. 😂 and the minute handbag 👜🙄 I mean, come on…. 😂😂😂 Anyways, thank you for the informative video! X

  30. Well I like the new settings and I don't mind the "t" and the "s" that people say below. I'm trying to learn how to pronounce better English (UK) so for me it's perfect if it is so clear 😂<3

  31. but … your next video is a zara haul 🤔 seems contradictory to the end of fast fashion

  32. So I actually know a girl who wore cycling shorts to an event I went to. I tried it and thought yes comfortable but not at all me! Also just want to say I like the new feature you have with popping the item up on screen. So effective!

  33. The background is so blurry that it is distracting and makes me a bit dizzy. I hope you go back to your usual filming style ❤️

  34. You literally used the same words to describe PVC & NEON “trends”, that I thought of when you mentioned them, I.E. “cheap & tacky”… 😅 Really awful “trends”… 🙄😏

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