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  1. The value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion. It is also estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year.

  2. 🌞🌞🌞💥💥💥💥💥

    Sentimental pieces


    Old jewellery

  3. Cheap clothing = H&M, please stop promoting and supporting fast fashion.

  4. LOVE this video! Nice that it's a different take than the usual Fashion blogger's "top ten" that you see all over YT. Another idea is having a give away party with girlfriends/family/neighbors to get rid of stuff you don't want anymore. Before I give to charity I check with my neighbors, co-workers and sister-in-laws…

  5. Your underwear only lasts 6 to 8 months??? You must be very rough on your underwear. Lol.

  6. Rubbing alcohol removes ink pen marks from anything. I saved a favorite handbag of mine by using it.

  7. Such great ideas! I live it that you're trying to move away from fast fashion! And you look lovely as always!

  8. River island is good quality? Yeah right😂😂

  9. actually, homeless people often do need underwear. if you have some that is in good enough condition bring it to the homeless shelter near you. in the main shelter we have here they ask us to bring underwear because nobody thinks to bring any but it is one of the most essential items for people who dont have a home..

  10. Excess loungewear…hitting me where it hurts! 😆

  11. My absolute favorite videos of yours so far! Going to check out recycling clothing items here in the U. S.

  12. Pls do a video on how to buy or what to buy, transitioning from season to season. Guilty of over buying per season specially when theres new and exciting pcs. I tend to over buy 🙄

  13. Getting rid of stains – best tip ever. The inexpensive white bar soap with just a bit of water – rub it on stains and pop the item in the wash. No need to let it soak or anything. It saves all sorts of items – grease stains, blood stains, sunscreen stains. I can't believe how many treasured items I have rescued once I learned this trick. I keep bar soap at bathroom and kitchen sink, and in the laundry room. It's amazing what it will lift out of your clothes.

  14. Oh, wow, same here on the T-shirts. I used to have absolute drawers of them! No more. Like you, I now decline them completely. Life's too short to wear T-shirts! There are too many pretty things to wear! If, like you said, you really must accept and wear them for that day, I have a few solutions. First is to ask for my boyfriend's size. He is tall and wears an XL, so it swallows me. That means I must tie the back in a cute knot, but afterward, he gets great use out of it. If it's a logo or colors he won't wear, then I might accept it in my size, then give it to someone who really desired the shirt but did not receive one. There often are youngsters who were really craving the "swag" and are so happy when you give them yours.

  15. I saw that top in Paris, I didnt like the buckle but it looks so good on you!!

    On the first point: I threw out some hoodies but still need more jogging pants, I don't have any but I spend money only on what I wear outside. Maybe I should get something for both home and casual outing clothes 🙂

  16. The thick furry winter weight dressing gowns make brilliant, soft & really efficient make up removers when cut up, especially for hot cloth cleansers & they can go in the machine & dry in minutes so no tumble dryer needed. ❤️❤️

  17. I feel busted on the T-shirt topic 😅😂 I have several T-shirts, mostly from DJ events and competitions, one from DJing at a Women's Day event, and one that was even my high school uniform. Point noted, haha! On the loungewear, I have more loungewear than clothes for going out. It could be a sign that I need to be out a lot more. Another lady on YouTube encouraged women to practise dressing stylishly, even when at home, so that if you need to go out or receive a surprise visitor, all the time you spend getting ready is cut out (think Graysons, the wealthy family from the Revenge series)

  18. Would love to see a video on lounge wear—especially for those of us that work from home!!!

  19. Great tips!!, just yesterday I clean my close With your advices and I love to see empty space!! 😉💕💕

  20. I would love to watch you throu the process

  21. Donate old tees to nursery schools for smocks. The children use them in art classes. One can also take old clothing and make pillows, quilts or even cut up for dusting/garage rags.

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