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10 TRENDS FOR AUTUMN ( FALL) WINTER 2019 & How To Wear Them NOW // Fashion Mumblr

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Top I’m Wearing –
Pearl Headband –
Necklace –

Dark Floral River Island Dress –
Topshop Midi Dress –
Top Handle Bag –
Cowboy / Tan Boots –
Long Sleeve Pink & Black Paisley Dress –
Green & Yellow Floral Dress –

Peter Pan Collar Top –
White Jeans –
Gucci Belt –
Puff Sleeve Crop Top –

Black Topshop Platform Shoes –
& Other Stories Platform Boots –

Faux Leather Dress –
Leather Leggings –
The Row Leather Coat –
Loewe Leather Trench Coat –

Puff Sleeve Lace Top –
& Other Stories Puff Sleeve Dress –

Hobbs Leopard Coat –

& Other Stories Pink Blazer –

Topshop Parka Coat –

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  1. These styles are not very warm are they? 😀

  2. Looking forward to your lookbooks soon ❤️

  3. I'm always shook how well the clothes you wear look on you compared to the images on store websites. I open the links in description and some of them I would never ever considered just by looking at website!

  4. Thanks a lot for this video. Love to follow trends and you explained all so well 💕🌸🌸

  5. Love me some crayola tights, on the other hand there are several of these trends I would never dream of wearing as I find them tacky, this is why there is so much variety in fashion.

  6. Josie, I have a question even though I never fallow trends of any kind. I'd like to know what do you think about wearing white after Labor Day?

  7. I really enjoyed this video Josie, it was very informative and I like it whenever some photos of the catwalk are shown to illustrate the trend. Perhaps you could do a video where you look back on what you have in your wardrobe that will fit into this years trends and perhaps do a lookbook using only pieces you already own?

  8. I love your video and your voice so true.

  9. If you come to Korea, especially Seoul, you will find that every winter the all-white duvet padded coat that goes from your chin to just above your ankles is everywhere. Anyone not wearing the all white duvet is wearing the black duvet. It gets incredibly cold in winter though that I almost (almost) succumbed to getting one myself!

  10. The "crayon legs" trend is very 60s and I actually enjoy it. 😂 I have a pair of bright orange tights that look good with autumny neutrals.

  11. So sorry to hear about your lack of participation in the "crayon colors" style! I would imagine the Eggplant tone paired with a Grey dress would suit you! I'll join you with Pistachio Ice Cream! I'm such a kid at heart so I'm looking forward to the varied color palette you described for Autumn/Winter 2019!

  12. I love the Chloe white top and a pair of white jeans with the Gucci belt! So chic!

  13. Thank you it was really interesting.

  14. Love these videos from you (although a bit late to the party), they're always very concise and well made! I personally tend to focus more on beauty so I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to fashion trends, so these are super useful! 
    The pistachio trend looks awesome! I have green eyes, so that's an easy colour for me to wear. 😜
    Agreed about the crayon legs, reminds me too much of Blair Waldorf's fashion, and I was never a fan. 🙈

  15. Like you, I wear mostly white, off white and light colors and very little black.. I look best in light colors.. And pistachio is my favorite ice cream as well. Thanks for this video. I enjoyed it.

  16. 9:44 Is giving me Bet Lynch vibes.

  17. Honestly. I'm so so so over summer. Autumn person for life ❤🍁

  18. Love this vid so useful as always. Would love to see some A/W styling vids too 👍😊 xx

  19. I love how you are informed on fashion. It goes to show how you can be classy without being a snob.Not everyone can afford high end.Thank you!

  20. spill the tea on what styles you will avoid josieeee

  21. I think a girly way to wear the bedding trend would be wearing a vintage quilted bed jacket that’s how I will be wearing it this fall

  22. Lovin the videos!❤️ Keep it up, great work! You got a new watcher!😍 I make similar stuff, if you could come check it out that'd be awesome!👌

  23. you video are so nice, but most of the time I've to switch off the sound and look only at the image. You talk a lot , really fast and with no break between topics. I think should be a pleasure to have a break with video on youtube … but for me is difficult to follow, and it is more stress that relax. i come to see your video time to time… but at the end I stop before the video end. i see how you are passionate with your work, how you are informed and how you like to share. hopefully aging you will be bit more relaxed… at least not only to watch

  24. One question would be when to wear hair bands and with what outfits, thanks so much !

  25. This is really useful. I love the dark floral trend.

  26. ah non! j aime rien c est moche et je m habille comme je veux!
    bref la mode c est de la daube

  27. Bedding coat………,I agree not for me either. I don't need anymore volume on my body!! Haha!! 🌸🌸 Crayon legs……what next!!

  28. Josie I have been watching you for years and love your videos but your intros have become a bit too long. I actually enjoy watching your content but the longer intros have had me mentally considering if I should click away due to becoming bored after hearing 2 mins of self plugging. Perhaps you could consider using graphics and special effects to encourage your viewers to subscribe and follow you on social media instead of taking up so much time in the very beginning of the video. I don't mean to offend so I apologize if this came across as rude, I was just trying to state my opinion and I thought it may be a helpful tip on how to improve future videos. Thank you for sharing these autumn trends and I cannot wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe!

  29. I seriously cannot understand why they can’t just get to the point of

  30. I love your channel so much but I think you talk too much

  31. Just because you don't like crayon legs, you're not recommending them for anyone, really?!?!?! Not all of us wear the same style as you, and as a matter of fact, I would look like hell wearing the things you like and enjoy wearing. Crayon legs are for me! And I'm super glad they're showing for Fall. I'm a flamboyant gamine (same as Gwen Stefani), so I look great in what you judge as "childish". If you keep neutral (rather than judgy) about fashion trends, I might enjoy watching your vids.

  32. Its my first time watching your videos, youre so cute and lovely

  33. no crayons leggs…agree! this fashion will be in 5 yrs on the worst fashion list….

  34. sweet, smart, ladylike young woman….thank u

  35. any chance you can do a f/w 19 trends video on jewellery?

  36. Thank You for the advice, I'll be making some notes on my phone for the upcoming shopping trips. I've had a hard time following other tips as I have bigger boobs and a small tummy from summer BBQ's. I'll be looking into what works well this autumn.

  37. If you ever visit New York, Chicago or Denver in December. You will most definitely ❤️ the layered knit wear trend…#survivingthechillywinds 🥶

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