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10 Ways To Look Classy When It’s Cold!
Stying tips to look sophisticated and stylish in winter!
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  1. but you gotta be tall then , i'm 5'3 and i can't even fit most S or XS size of Zara *crying inside*, i guess im just going to wrap the blanket around me and continue crying

  2. Great collar on this pullover! So nice!

  3. I live on Québec un Canada those outfits are not appropriate at all for our winters, it mame me laugh, it is freezing here do you can mame a video hop to dress for this climate thks

  4. Its so classy!!!! Thanks for the ideas

  5. Wonderful video. Love your tips. Thank you!

  6. Put on a coat and tights! Groundbreaking!

  7. These are amazing! I love your top! Thanks for the video Josie.

  8. Nice style of video, however unfortunately the music was too loud over your voice. Play around with the sound settings with the music and voice over xx

  9. I’m not really sure about this. One thing I struggle with your wardrobe is because they are all such basic’s, little to no pattern and all the same style, colors and tones You can put on 5 different outfits and they really all look the same. If a I saw you one day and then saw you the next day because all your clothes are the same colors and style I could easily think you had the same outfit on as the day before. People don’t remember the details it’s the overall look. Many times just watching your video I have to really look and see what’s different because at the first glance you look exactly the same. I absolutely agree with having some basic and versatile pieces but I really think your wardrobe has too much of all the same pieces and same colors.Sorry:( But I still love you😘

  10. Where did you get the top you wore in the intro? I loved it

  11. Great video! Love all your videos 🤗💓

  12. That outfit is nice indeed but not really suitable to my definition of cold weather, rather for the start of summer. Warm hugs from the North 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for recommending the Marks and Spencer thermals. They got me through the Arctic Vortex that hit the U.S. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

  14. Josie, do you ever wear red or more vivid colors as the royals do? Especially for special occasions such as weddings. Would love to see more content with a classy look that isn't always neutrals. Don't get me wrong, I love them as much as you. I am just trying something new as I really feel as though I always wear the same colors!

  15. Hi Josie, I love your fashion videos and always find them to be really good inspiration! I was just wondering what you wore when you went to university and whether you could do a video on this and any tips you had? I study fashion marketing so a similar field to what you did and so many people on my course always look so polished but some mornings i feel like i have nothing to wear and end up chucking on jeans and a hoodie! Any simple student tips would be amazing! xxx

  16. a nice, good-looking coat adjusted to one's type of body shape and colour that suits, certainly helps. The right coat in winter can just make the whole outfit 🙂

  17. Hey Josie love to see you in colour.The green dress and the pleated skirt I love.Please do a video for us moms with little ones who need style but also comfy and fast.

  18. love this format! Much more visal and entertaining

  19. LOVE The voiceover modeling. It makes it easier to keep the attention going and have a visual of what I am hearing

  20. WHAT?! You don’t like the word classy?! It’s the reason why I follow you, girlfriend, bc you’re classy. Don’t be afraid to title things with the word classy… it’s classy 😉 lots of love!

  21. Love this voice over style! Would love to see more like this.

  22. Beautiful as always Josie, the last outfit was gorgeous. Love the colour of the trousers. Good luck on reaching 400k, nearly there now.

  23. I go classy to college. Love glam and fancy. ❤One of my favorites tips is to always have a neutral makeup and a good and glamorous hair.

  24. The 3rd look is amazing! But the coat’s link it isn’t correct… which model is? Thank you

  25. May I request an updated handbag collection video? You have so many beautiful, new ones. I would love to see them all in one video? Thanks.

  26. Love this style video – and what's nice is the visual inspiration! I will use your suggestions and apply them to my wardrobe. We all have something similar in our wardrobes that will work 😌 keep more of these videos coming. Thanks Josie! ❤️🤗

  27. I've watched your videos for months but finally subscribed today!

  28. I really love that link to affordable bags thank you love all off them! X

  29. I would be interested in how to look classy in Chicago… because its not just cold. It's FRIGID!! haha Tomorrow we have a high of 5 degrees. 5!!

  30. Love the neck line of your top in this video. It looks comfortable and not suffocating like a turtle neck.

  31. I personnaly layer so so much! Under my jeans and my sweaters/shirts I always wear tights and lighter jumpers that help to keep me warm. Not forgetting about the scarf, gloves and hat/beanie of course!
    French Alps get so cold at this time, I wish I'd live in CA sometimes!

  32. You have the best fashion style tips. You wear every clothing perfectly. You did not have to show too much skin or have to look cheap just for the sake of "following the trend". Your style has been fancy, but sensible in a way that can be worn on both casual and business-related occasions. I love it!

  33. Loved this video. I just posted one myself on a similar theme! How to wear a white skirt in Winter. I love to escape the darker colours in Winter too! 😁💕

  34. Amazing!!! The last look is awesome, so chic!

  35. Statement earrings look so pretty on you.

  36. Josie I'd love to see a video of all the coats you own, you must have so many now, and all your boots 😀

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