Thursday , August 11 2022

101-Year-Old Former Nazi Guard Sentenced For Role In Concentration Camp Murders

A German court sentenced a 101-year-old former SS guard to five years in prison for assisting in the murder of 3,500 people at Sachsenhausen concentration camp where he stood guard between 1942 and 1945.

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  1. After they declare war, people are going to die. That's what war is. Whoever called it a war should be exonerated for not calling it "Immigration Reform."

  2. The entire german nation should have been jailed for their nazi crimes, every one that saluted hitler, every one that fired a weapon for hitler. The german people were all criminals.
    So the germans instead pull out some very old guy to prosecute, thinking somehow that absolves all the rest of those evil people of their evil deeds. shameful!

  3. I bet there are Alot of people still alive that put and agree with Reservation Concentration Camps for Indigenous People in the United States today.

  4. He remembers when Germany was a based and redpilled global superpower. 🙂

  5. As horrific his deeds were, he was merely a "good" patriot German and probably not much different than a large percentage of the German population at the time. The same can be said about the modern day "Red hats" who were enamored by an insecure, bigoted dimwit. Cults are a dangerous thing.

  6. The justice system patting themselves on the back real hard for this one

  7. What a waste of time and money he is going to be dead soon

  8. Give me a break leave this guy alone

  9. Trump: You're pardoned

  10. This is really dumb…

  11. This is screwed up in too many ways

  12. Oh good. I bet he wishes he died in the war. Can you see this Putin?

  13. You have to show history it doesn’t matter how long it’s been!! Justice will be served!

  14. “I’ve basically done it all, might as well try prison.” The old man probably

  15. proof positive Satan didn't want him either…101?

  16. If the he was victorious, in the war, I would bet 1M$ he would have slept in that uniform and had a big 💩 eaten grin on…. Why so many years later, towards end of life do they hide their faces?

  17. He was just doing his role.

  18. QOnly the good die young."

  19. Probably how old tRump will be when they finally decide to charge him.

  20. Fowl all ya life now u 90 on ya death bed you regret being grimy

  21. Good to see that Nazi will finally die at the end of a rope.
    Now, if we could just get rid of the ones in the United States who hide under the guise of Christian Conservatives…

  22. The tribe has to get their pound of flesh 😂…

  23. The hypocrisy in going after a 101 year old Nazi guard but training and supporting current Ukrainian Nazis is as American as apple pie. Great job Germany 🙄

  24. Germans are bending over backwards to feel guilt and sorrow for 77 years. Germans need to wake up and find out that this is now just humiliating.

  25. Can't stand Nazis they're the cousins of Satan.

  26. They should burn them or hang them.

  27. Wow. Hope that "justice" is panning our for y'all. Because wear I'm standing, it looks like vengence…. so don't call it justice.

  28. What is the point. At 101 years old, does he even know he’s in jail or being punished?

  29. Grandpa didn't do anything wrong. They're honestly doing him a favor by giving him 3 meals a day and his own personal nurse

  30. I think this is the guy who was hiding out in the US until the US deported him quite recently.

  31. Of course he's in USA.
    Nazi USA. Bet he votes Republican.

  32. I think it's great hello from Florence Oregon on May 54 year old white hillbilly and that 100-year-old guy with a blue folder in front of his face I think it was beautiful he got to live to pay the penalty to die in prison he deserves what he got did not see monster that he is well the world did he was a Nazi soldier. He deserves what he got

  33. that's correct history is repeated itself I'm 54 years old and these youngsters don't even know about a lot of stuff is going on back when I was a kid going to school and my history lessons this is really getting scary people so two people on your fifties and older we got to tell your kids and grandkids the truth about the past that's not repeat the horrible past

  34. Am I the only one that thinks his granddaughter is part Jewish?